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Bio-informatics and Microbial Functional Genomics
As the breakthrough point of enzyme and protein research and development, the team has established some technology platforms such as computer-aided design, molecular evolution in vitro, screening of high-throughput enzyme and protein engineering. Meanwhile, bioinformatics is used to carry out the important industrial microbial genomics research. In recent years the team has assumed a wide range of issues, including the 863 Project, 973 Supporting Plan, National Natural Science Fund, Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund and Provincial and Municipal research projects, and published many high level academic papers.

Microbial Resources and Microbial metabolism Control 
The methods of transcriptome, proteomics and metabolomics are used to study the molecular basis and regulation mechanism of protein excretion, amino acids and nucleotides, and other synthetic bio-active materials. Meanwhile, the analysis of industrial microbial metabolism and regulation mechanism and the design and combinatorial biosynthesis of new metabolites can obtain highly effective strains which are used in the industrial production.

Molecular Transformation and Enzyme Engineering

The advanced technologies such as structural bioinformatics and molecular evolution are used to analyze the structure and function of enzyme and basically theoretical issues of catalytic process; E. coli prokaryotic expression system is combined to construct the molecular modification and screening system of high-throughput enzyme. Enzyme orthogenesis and catalytic coupling technology which is displayed on the surface of yeast cell is used to screen industrial enzyme which has important application value; Meantime, using metabolic engineering and process engineering theory is to solve the key technologies which are used in the process of enzyme engineering industrialization and to investigate the technology roadmap of high-performance expression and separation, which achieves the commercial production and application of industrial enzymes.

Fermentation Engineering and Equipment

As an entry point of protein, natural pigments and fuel ethanol, the team has established the platform of evolutionary engineering and fermentation engineering and equipment technology. Its main aim is to carry out some bio-based products, such as mammalian cell culture and device, high value-added micro-organisms and microalgae products and functional ingredients, fuel ethanol, develop the multifunctional bio-reactor, and the efficient, low-cost separation and purification technology in the bio-engineering products, and comprehensive utilization of industrial waste and so on. In the past three years, the team has undertaken 21 research projects including the 863 Project, National Natural Science Fund, Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund and Provincial and Municipal research projects , published 81 academic papers including 8 SCI, applied for 14 invention patents including 4 authorized patents and 1 transferred patent, and edited 7 undergraduate textbooks.

Biocatalysis Process Engineering
The focus is to design and modification of biocatalysts, optimization of design and technology integration of biochemical reaction system, technology of biotransformation process control, design and selection of reactor, optimization and enlargement and industrial application of process engineering. In recent years, the team has assumed a wide range of issues, including the 863 Project, State Eleventh Five-Year Supporting Plan, National Natural Science Fund, applied for 9 patents and published more than 10 original articles in the publication of JAOCS, Bioinformatics, JMC.   

The main research is to the physiological and pathological processes of inflammatory response, thrombosis, cancer metastasis, especially the interaction mechanism between mechanical and chemical coupling and the basis of molecular structure. The purpose is to provide new ideas and technology solutions for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, interventional treatment of cancer and design of some innovative molecular drugs.
Research fields: 1
Cell adhesion; 2Protein structure and function; 3Hemodynamics; 4 Biomedical data mining and application. 
In recent years, the team has assumed 12 issues, including NIH project of international cooperation of the United States and State provincial and ministerial level, and published many high level academic papers.

Based on the application of bioinformatics, the team is engaged in the one sequence analysis of gene, genomics, metabolomics, RNA genomics and macromolecular interactions and three-dimensional protein structure prediction and molecular docking to design the target genes foe gene therapy and immunotherapy which are used to therapy metabolic diseases such as major infectious diseases, congenital genetic diseases, cancer, and to further develop biopharmaceutical. Meanwhile, the team also tries to design protein molecular such as important industrial enzyme to service for industrial biotechnology.  The research activities are based on operation of molecular biology and molecular biology experiments which are under the guidance of bio-informatics to carry out the computer-aided design of biological macromolecules and genetic engineering. The team has carried out much internal and external multi-disciplinary cooperation, and serviced for bioinformatics analysis platform.

Biomedical Information and Equipment

The focus of researchBiomedical Signal Detecting and Processing, Principle and Design of Medical Electronic Instrument, Medical Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Aided Diagnosis, Hemodynamics of Circulatory System and Modeling and Simulation of Physiological Systems. In recent years, the team has assumed a wide range of issues, including National Natural Science Funds, Provincial Science and Technology Projects and published many high level academic papers. Meantime, the team has also obtained 2 invention patents, 6 utility model patents and 2 school teaching achievement awards.