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Youth Symphony Orchestra


The Youth Symphony Orchestra

Affiliated to the South China University of Technology ,YSO has 96 faculty members, with an average age of 21. It is composed partly of students from the Department of Music in School of Arts of SCUT, partly of the teachers from the same department. Leading YSO into the future are permanent conductor Dr. He Ping,  Director Jiang Ling.

Restructued and officially named on Dec 28th, 2005 , YSO has , from the very beginning , dedicated itself to promoting the arts of symphony and actively being engaged in carrying forward the decent arts. It has played a significant role in  a series of large-scale activities initiated by the Ministry of Education such as Elegant Arts into Campus and  Heart-to-Heart with Cantonese People. By the means of strict training and artistic practices,  YSOhas gradually enhanced its performance and interpretation of music. The course opening the door to the world of symphony given by Prof.He ping and performed by the Youth Symphony Orchestra has been selected as an open quality course of the National Education Ministry in 2011.
In April 2006, YSO successfully performed W.A Mozarts works including Symphony No.41 in C major, ‘Jupiter’ and Piano Concerto No.20 on the concert  in commemoration of his  250th birthday held in Guangzhou. In June 2007 , Symphonic Concert in Celebration of 30th anniversary of  Pop Music’s Innovation in Guangdong , which was thematized as Everlasting Love , was premiered by the YSO,  causing a great stir across China .
In November 2007 , YSO achieved its great success in Sister Jiang, a large-scale symphonic oratorio.
In a series of  the New Year's Day Concert  held in the year
2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively , great success was achieved in the performance of classic works such as Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor ,Ludwig Van Beethoven ‘s  the Eroica Symphony (No.3,), Antonín Dvořák’s The Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World" . Soon after that the New Year's Day Concert has become a prominent culture brand for SCUT
In September 2008, YSO won great admiration for its success in the Concert in Celebration of 30th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening to the Outside World in Guangdong , which had been thematized as the Grand Banner.
In May 2009 , YSO successfully performed in the  67th anniversary Symphonic Concert for Mao Zedong’s works -Talks at Yen’an Synposium On Literature and Art and the 40th anniversary Symphonic Concert for the Campaign of Educated Urban Youth Going to work in the Countryside beginning in 1969.
In November 2009, YSO successfully performed in the symphonic concert of original works--Yearning Fantasy Over the Fleeing Years in the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, Qinghua University, Tianjing University and Communication University of China.
In December, 2009, YSO performed Piano Concerto The Yellow River in cooperation with the visiting professor Langlang in Shenzhen Stadium.
In October , 2011, YSO made a successful performance in the Violin Concerto The Butterfly Love and Piano Concerto the Yellow River in Guangzhou Grand Theater.

In December, 2012 , YSO also achieved a great success in performing the 100th Anniversary Concert for Ma sicong’s works and successfully performed the Nostalgia in cooperation with Li Chuanyun, the world famous violinist.
The YSO’s performance has covered a wide area , the main accumulated musical pieces include Georges Bizet’s L' Arlésienne, Bedřich Smetana ’Vltava, Leonard Bernstein’s  Candide, Jacques Offenbach ‘s Orpheus in the Underworld,  Johann Strauss ’ waltzes . Other musical pieces include Ode to the Red Flag by Lv Qiming , suite Red Women Army by Wu Zuqiang and Du Mingxin, piano concerto the Yellow River by Ying Chenzong , waltz by Johann Strauss and some other works of orchestral music. 


the Chorus of South China University of Technology
The Chorus of South China University of Technology was established in 2005 which consists of 95 undergraduate students and post-graduate students from Vocal Department of School of Arts. The average age of the members the chorus is 21. Wu guoling, acts as the president of the chorus. Liangjun, acts as the conductor.
The Chorus has long cherished the responsibility to develop and expand the art of music by participating in various activities for spreading classical arts. It has played active and major role in attending a series of important performances such as the heart-to-heart with the people in South Guangdong and the campaign for spreading classical arts into campuses, which were organized by Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, the chorus members have increased their performing skills through rigorous training and full practical activities. Now they have owned the perfect faculty to reveal the essence of music works and the reputation for it. The following performances are on the list of their ongoing process: the opening ceremony of the college tennis tournament of Asia in 2006, the symphonic choral concert for the 30th anniversary of pop music progress in Guangdong Province, the major symphonic cantata-Sister Jiang: the Great Banner—the 30th anniversary concert for the implementation of the reform and opening policies in Guangdong, the 67th anniversary concert for the publication of Mao Zedong’s works Talks at Yan'an Symposia on Literature and Art  and the 40th anniversary symphonic concert for the campaign of educated urban youth working in the countryside and mountain areas. In 2008, the chorus, the only representative team of Guangdong, ranked 6 at the second round of CCTV youth singing competition.
The South China University of Technology has also established theYouth Symphony Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra andthe Dance Troupe. They are making contributions to constructing the cultural and educational province for Guangdong, enriching campuses’ cultures and spreading national arts of China.