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The alumni association of SCUT was founded during the 32nd anniversary of SCUT on November 17, 1984. It is a non-profit, social organization formed by the alumni of SCUT. Its aim is to intensify relationships among the alumni and those between the alma mater and the branched associations at home and abroad, to inherit and develop good traditions and to make contributions to the development of SCUT and the constitution of the country. AASCUT comprises a Council of alumni representatives, including the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary General. The chairman in the SCUT president, the Secretary General is nominated by the Chairman and appointed by the Council. The Council has under it a secretariat, whose staff  is appointed by SCUT. The secretariat currently manages the "SCUT Alumni Association Journal" and a number of Internet pages. At present, there are 89 branch associations at home and operates with a total of about 170,000 members.

Contact us: Secretariat of SCUT Alumni Association
  Telephone: 020-87111484
  Fax: 020-87110668
  E-mail: alumni@scut.edu.cn
  Address: Room 1202, Building No. 1, South China University of Technology, 381st Wushan Road, Guangzhou.