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Exchange Programs for Students

On the morning of June 20,2016. Vice President Mi heping met with Wesleyan College Vice President ViviaL. Fowler, Provost in Conference Room 403 at Building B11. They signed exchange agreements to strengthen the communication between students on both-sides.

They wish to establish a framework for student exchange which will support student development and learning, particularly in the area of global outlook and cultural appreciation,Numberof Exchange Students: The host institutions will endeavor to exchange an equalnumber of undergraduate students over the term of this agreement. It isexpected that one or two students from each institution would enter theexchange per year. The normal period for each exchange will be a semester oracademic year.

In 1836, Wesleyan College was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Since that time, They have sent scores of women out in to the world, to do some pretty amazing things. That includes the first woman to receive a Doctor of Medicine degree and the first woman to argue a case before the Georgia Supreme Court.