• The International Office (IO) is committed to facilitating cooperation and exchange between SCUT and overseas partners, and to enhance SCUT's global standing.
  • IO provides consultation to the SCUT leadership; supports the international activities of all schools, institutes, departments, offices, centers, and units at SCUT; plans and implements the receptions of important foreign guests; manages the institutional exchanges of SCUT; manages study abroad programs of SCUT; serves international staff and visiting scholars at SCUT; runs SCUT's Global Funds and International Scholars' Club (ISC); files for approvals regarding hosting international conferences at SCUT, and hosting co-run education programs at SCUT; applies the visas of SCUT faculty and staff on business visits and those of the SCUT students; etc.
Our People

Dr. LI Weiqing

Vice President
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Ms. YAO Min (Jasmine)

Tel: +86-20-87113488

E-mail: faob@scut.edu.cn

Fax: +86-20-87110973

Add: Room 902, Duxing Building, Wushan Campus

Deputy Director

Ms. HUANG Fei (Cathy)

Tel: +86-20-87114178

E-mail: faod@scut.edu.cn

Fax: +86-20-87112240

Add: Room 902, Duxing Building, Wushan Campus

Mr. YANG Haosong (Sam)


E-mail: hsyang@scut.edu.cn

Fax: +86-20-87112240

Add: Room 902, Duxing Building, Wushan Campus

Dr. YIN Panchao

Tel: +

E-mail: yinpc@scut.edu.cn

Fax: 020-87112240

Add: Room 902, Duxing Building, Wushan Campus

  • Section for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs and General Affairs
  • Section for International Exchange and Global Study Program Exploration
  • Section for Global Study Program Administration and Management
  • Section for International Scholars and Joint Institutes
  • Section for Dispatch

Ms. TU YingwenSection Chief+86-20-87114948ywtu@scut.edu.cn
Mr. YANG SikunSecretary to the International Office+86-20-87114186glskyang@scut.edu.cn
Ms. ZHANG LinxunAssistant (general affairs)+86-20-87113141gllxzhang@scut.edu.cn
Ms. XU GuanghuiAssistant (HK, Macau and Taiwan affairs)+86-20-87113141glghxu@scut.edu.cn

Ms. CHEN Wei (Helen)Section Chief (US and Oceania)+86-20-87110948weic@scut.edu.cn
Ms. YU Shaohua (Charlotte)Program Coordinator (Europe)+86-20-22236161glshhyu@scut.edu.cn
Ms. YU Wanting (Vivien)
Program Coordinator (Asia, Africa, and Canada)
Ms. ZHANG JihongAssistant+86-20-87113661547587154@qq.com.

Ms. LI Heng (Ketty)Section Chief+86-2087114545ketty@scut.edu.cn
Ms. AN Yufan (An)Program Coordinator (Europe and Asia)+86-2087114526sfi@scut.edu.cn
Ms. SUN Yi (Cynthia)Program Coordinator (Sino-French College)+86-2087114526glsunyi@scut.edu.cn
Ms. XIE YibingAssistant (Canada, Oceania, and Co-Run Programs) (On maternity leave)+86-2039380973sac@scut.edu.cn
Ms. PAN Mei (Bobo)Assistant (US)+86-2039381356scutpm@scut.edu.cn

Ms. LONG Qian (Fay)Section Chief +86-20-87113180longqian@scut.edu.cn
Mr. TAO Tian (Jason)Program Coordinator+86-20-87114946tiantao@scut.edu.cn
Ms. ZHOU XiaowenAssistant+86-20-87114186hkmt@scut.edu.cn

Dr. TAN JieSection Chief+86-20-87110595gltanjie@scut.edu.cn
Ms. XIANG JuanAssistant+86-20-8711059516933961@qq.com
Ms. LIANG XiaoxinAssistant+86-20-871141112574457455@qq.com


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