Junde College

On October 8, 2009, Ministry of Education issued a list of ten universities among 110 candidates to run the pilot project of comprehensive management model of “one-stop” student community.

Taking advantage of the space layout of Guangzhou International Campus and relying on the College system where all the students are accompanied by their tutors, South China University of Technology was successfully listed as one of them with its concept of “Achieving cultural synergy by external cooperation and internal focus” and its mission to solve the problem of the “last kilometer” in the education in colleges and universities in the new era.

Junde College, the first college on Guangzhou International Campus, is not only a carrier to run the pilot project but also an important platform to accomplish the mission of “Cultivating talents in all aspects of their studies by all”.

As an independent secondary unit set up by the University, Junde College undertakes the important functions of cultivating the comprehensive quality and improving the innovation ability of the Campus undergraduates.

The college is named “Junde”, an excerpt from “Keming Junde” in the Book of Documents (also known as Shangshu), which means “Carry forward great virtue”.

The mascot of Junde College is an owl, which is a shape coming from the Fuhao Zun, a famous wine vessel in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The owl not only implies kindness and courage in Chinese culture but also symbolizes erudition and wisdom in Western culture.

The principal of Junde College is both an academician of the American Academy of Engineering and a top scientist in the macromolecular field across the world.

Integrating quality education and professional education, Junde College has concentrated multiple functional rooms in the college building to create the “50-meter cultural circle” and the “100-meter sports circle”.

Activity room, seminar room, psychological consultation room, piano room, dance room, self-service kitchen, art space and gym are all equipped in the two “circles”, so that everyone can enjoy life in all possible ways without leaving the community.

The CPC Committee and Office of Student Affairs of the Campus have moved their offices into the College building, and counselors directly live in the College building to accompany the students day and night.

At the same time, each student has three “exclusive tutors” - academic tutor, tutor for career planning and senior tutor.

The tutors also live in the community to give students necessary help such as learning planning, career development and mental health.

Here, the instructor acts as your tutor, the Junde College as your school, and the Campus as your community, where the students are always in a central position.


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