SCUT student wins mixed-double title at the 50th World Table Tennis Championships
time: 2015-07-20

  On May 3, CAO Zhen, player on the Chinese national team from School of Administration of SCUT, beat Chinese fellow ZHANG Jike and MU Zi 4-2 with LI Ping to claim the mixed doubles title of the 2009 Yokohama world table tennis championships. This is the first gold medal in the Yokohama world championships. CAO Zhen and LI Ping had made a very good beginning for the Chinese national team and inspired their teammates a lot. “This gold medal is of very high quality. As a senior athlete of SCUT, CAO has given full to her ability”, said HE Qiong, coach of table tennis team of School of Physical Education, excitedly after watching CAO’s game. China pulled three versatile players off the doubles events, deliberately making the Yokohama championships more open and leaving the chances to young players. After winning the game, CAO Zhen and LI Ping became new members of the world championship winners. CAO also was the first SCUT students to win a world champion.
  ZHANG Chao of grade 2008 and CHANG Chenchen of grade 2005, another two SCUT students on the national team, won the third place at the mixed doubles event at the world table tennis championships.