The young and middle-aged backbone teachers of our school participated in the 2018 China Welding Industry Forum
time: 2018-05-10

The "2018' China Welding Industry Forum - Robot Welding Technology and Its Application" organized by the South China University of Technology and the Welding Equipment Branch of the China Welding Association was held from 5th to 7th of May, 2018 in a beautiful coastal city, Zhuhai. German Welding Society, Beijing University of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other domestic and foreign welding societies, associations, and companies participated and provided support.

At the opening ceremony, Li Liansheng, the Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Welding Association, Zhou Hongling, Deputy Secretary of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of South China University of Technology, and Su Yanxiong, Honorary President of the Zhuhai Welding Association, delivered brilliant welcome speeches.


Opening speech of the conference

At the 2018' China Welding Industry Forum, around the theme of "robot welding technology and its application", experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges to collaboratively promote the research, application and development of robot welding technology, and to guide the rational application of the robot welding technology in the welding industry. There were 14 invited reports at this forum, involving the key robot welding technology for high-strength thick steel, laser-arc hybrid welding technology, tracking technology of welding robots, qualification certification of welding robotsand so on. Professor Wang Zhenmin, the director of Intelligent Welding Manufacturing Equipment and Robotics Engineering Research Center of Guangdong Province, shared the “Key technologies and applications of underwater robots welding under extreme conditions” on the conference.



Invited reports of the conference

Finally, Mr. Song Tianhu, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, made a summary report about “China’s Smart Manufacturing” pushing the atmosphere to a climax in the end of the conference.

Mr. Song Tianhu, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee - final report

The conference got very overwhelming response and there are more than 300 participants in this meeting. Experts conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the key technologies and applications of robot welding. At present, the global robot market is constantly expanding, and the international robot manufacturers are increasing their research and development efforts. In the future, the application of welding robots in China will surely enter into a new period of development and flourish.


Professor Huang Shisheng, the famous welding expert and former leader of SCUT, and some young and middle-aged backbone teachers from our school participated in the forum. They fully communicated with domestic and foreign welding peers and enhanced mutual understanding. It has laid a good foundation to promote the cooperation between our school and relevant enterprises in the future.