United States national academy of engineering Zhengdi Cheng visited NERC
time: 2018-05-15

The director of south China advanced institute for soft matter science and technology, member of the United States national academy of engineering, worldwide polymer scientist and chemical engineer, professor Zhengdi Cheng has visited the national engineering research center of novel equipment for polymer processing (NERC) with professor Linge Wang on May 9, 2018. The fellow of Chinese academy of engineering, professor Jinping Qu welcomed the visiting of professor Cheng with presence of other NERC faculties, i.e. professor Gang Jin, professor Yanhong Feng, professor Hezhi He, etc.

In the meeting, professor Jinping Qu introduced the development history and recent progress of NERC in the field of polymer processing. Consequently, participants discussed various scientific and engineering issues including rheology, especially processing rheology, interfacial properties of polymer blends, and morphological evolutions during the melt compounding. Among which, professor Zhengdi Cheng speak highly of the contributions from professor Qu and his team in the polymer engineering community. Both sides reached extensive agreement on increasing high-level interactions and expanding practical cooperation across conversation.