National Engineering Research Center of Near-Net-Shape Forming for Metallic Materials
time: 2017-04-26

National Engineering Research Center of Near-Net-Shape Forming for Metallic Materials (NERC-NFMM) was established in February, 2009 at South China University of Technologyauthorized by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. NERC-NFMM is a non-profit national engineering research center founded on the base of the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center for Metallic Materials Forming and Equipment, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of High Efficient Near-Net-Shape Forming Technology and Equipments for Metallic Materials (Category B) and Guangdong Key Laboratory for Advanced Metallic Materials Processing. NERC-NFMM has two first level key national disciplines (Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) with doctoral degree-granting, and two post-doctoral research stations.

NERC-NFMM focuses on near-net-forming technology of metallic materials to meet the national and industrial significant demand, overcome the bottle-neck problems of the effective utilization of metals and their short-route producing process, acquire novel materials, technique and equipments using Near-Net-Shape Forming Technology, promote the engineering application of the research achievements, provide strong technical support for the national economy and national defense construction, build a world class base for developing novel advanced research and techniques. NERC-NFMM involves in four research fields: 1) high efficient near-net-shape casting; 2) high efficient near-net-shape of of powder materials; 3) high efficient precision plastic forming; 4) equipments for near-net-shape forming of metallic materials.

NERC-NFMM has a total of 47 staffs, including 27 Professor and 13 Associate Professors and Senior Engineers. Among these, one member of the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, two receivers of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, one Yangtse River Scholar Distinguished Professor, two Humboldt scholars of Germany and two Pearl River Scholar Distinguished Professors. NERC-NFMM now has 5 Postdocs and more than 130 students purchasing doctor and master Degrees. Recently, more than 200 research projects founded by state and/or province were undertaken by NERC-NFMM exceeding 200 million RMB. A total of 14 prize were awarded by government, including 2 Second Prize of the National Science and Technical Progress Award, 12 provincial and ministerial Awards (6 First Prize, 4 Second Prize, 2 Third Prize), 1 Chinese Patent Outstanding Awards. More than 1300 research papers were published, among these 620 papers were cited by SCI, EI and ISTP. 340 Patents were applied, including 278 invention patents, among these, 208 patents were granted (including 146 invention patents), 5 computer software copyright registrations.

NERC-NFMM has one 3000 m2 research center, one 2000 m2 pilot plant and one 30000 m2 industrialization base. NERC-NFMM possesses a variety of equipment for material processing and characterization. The facilities have a total asset value of over 80 million RMB. The facilities are classified as: CAD/CAE design and simulation platform; materials fabrication, forming and processing platform; materials characterization and property measurement platform; and materials forming equipment design and manufacturing platform.

    NERC-NFMM has established wild international and domestic cooperation, such as Osaka University, Tohoku University, Iwate University, Kumamoto University of Japan, University of Glamorgan, UK, Dresden University of Technology, Ohio State University of U.S.A, University of California at Davis, University of California at Irvine, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, etc. Furthermore, NERC-NFMM promotes the upgrading and optimization of metal processing industry and is one of the founders of “Strategic alliance of technological innovation of energy saving in metallurgical industry of nonferrous metals” and “Guangdong Province renewable metal resources comprehensive utilization Ministry”.