Key Laboratory of Surface Functional Structure Manufacturing of Guangdong Higher Education Institute
time: 2017-04-25

Key Laboratory of Surface Functional Structure Manufacturing of Guangdong Higher Education Institute was established in January 2010, endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Guangdong province. The lab is affiliated to the School of Mechanical Engineering, South China University of Technology, with the basis on Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, which is a key discipline at both the provincial and national level. In addition, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation has also been listed as a key discipline in both the 211 and 985 projects. The principle investigator of the lab is professor Tang Yong, who is the director of the Institute of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, SCUT. Besides, professor Xiong Youlun, member of the Chinese Academy of Science, serves as the dean of the academic committee of the lab.

The lab has been concentrating on the frontier researches on surface functional structures, and is committed to provide proper trainings for the personnel from both the academia and industry, aiming to accelerate the conversion of scientific researches to industrial applications. Over the years, the lab manages to make a number of outstanding achievements with independent intellectual properties. We keeps paying even greater endeavors to further improve the lab, trying to catch up with the most state-of-art researches globally. The lab focuses on the development of advanced surface functional structures, with a wide applications envelope ranging from thermal science, surface reaction, friction reduction and optical science. We have also extended our researches to micro-injection molding and other related aspects.

Since the establishment of the lab, we have received several important awards of science and technology. We were awarded with the First Class Award of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province in 2009 and the Second Class Award of Science and Technology Progress of China in 2016, due to our ground-breaking researches on the designing, modelling and controllable manufacturing of thermal surface structures with complex functional morphologies and surface characteristics. The break-through results in its successful applications in tube-shell heat exchanger, evaporator/condenser in air-conditioner, IGBT for high-speed rail-way, and most recently, thermal management for aero-space technologies, accelerating the upgrading of the relevant industries. The lab has a number of high-quality papers published in the esteemed journals, such as International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Energy Conversion and Management, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Applied Thermal Engineering, Journal of Materials Processing andChinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, etc. Besides, we have 38 patents authorized in relevant fields, with 22 as the invention patents and the other 16 as utility model ones. In terms of the surface reaction structures, we have already had 14 patents authorized (4 as invention patents and the other 10 as utility model ones), and several high-quality papers published in the esteemed journals such as International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Power Sources, AIChE Journal, Chemical Engineering Journal and Journal of Chemical Engineering (China), etc.

With the guidance of the director of the lab and dean of academic committee, we have never failed to pursue deeper insight into surface functional structures and try to push the limit beyond the current scope of knowledge insofar as to further improve their practical applications. Over the years, the lab has well-established and distinguished itself with uniqueness and outstanding achievements. We will try even harder in the future, paying greater efforts for the scientific research, international cooperation, talent training and lab construction, adding to our strategy to become a world-class lab.