Energy Conservation and Control Technology Research Center for Guangdong Green Campus
time: 2017-04-20

In December 2011, Jointly founded by South China University of Technology and Guangzhou i-MEC Technology Co.,Ltd., ‘Energy Conservation and Control Technology Research Center for Guangdong Green Campus’ was established by the approval of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education.

Our center focuses on the research and industrialization of smart city energy management and HVAC energy conservation optimized control. The core technology include building energy supervisory platform, HVAC energy supervisory platform, HVAC energy conservation optimized control method, industrial application, etc. Our work involve solving the crucial common technical problems for national energy conservation and emission reduction, developing series of standards and achieving the industrialization for HVAC energy-saving software/hardware products.

In recent years, we’ve undertaken a number of national and provincial innovation projects, and achieved remarkable results, including ‘Phase II Research and Construction for Air-conditioning Energy Conservation in SCUT’, ‘Central Air-conditioning Energy Conservation Optimized Control System for Building Group’, ‘Crucial Technology Research and Demonstration Area Construction of Smart City Energy-saving Management System based on Internet of Things’, ‘Hotel Energy Conservation Management System Research and Demonstration’, etc.

Our center possesses more than 20 national patents and software copyrights, which cover city, district, building and terminal air-conditioning energy conservation technology. Core patent - ‘Remote Regulation Method and System for Terminal Temperature and Cold Source Load of Central Air-conditioning’ - won the 15th Chinese Excellent Patent Award and Guangdong Patent Gold Award, 2013. Independent research technology, including ‘City Energy Management and Air-conditioning Energy Conservation Supervisory Platform’, ‘Central Air-conditioning Energy-saving Optimized Management and Control System’, and ‘Three-level Reverse Regulation Method for District Cooling System’, have been applied into more than 8 million square meters demonstration buildings among government, college, company and cultural institution. As a result, we’ve reduced more than 25% of air-conditioning energy consumption, and saved 250 million Yuan of air-conditioning operating costs for users totally, which is equivalent to saving 80,000 tce of standard coal, or reducing emissions of 176,000 tons of CO2.

We will try to integrate relevant subjects to be a top-class talent and product base in air-conditioning energy conservation field. We will also try to assist the energy conservation work for Guangdong public institutions, and develop ‘Smart City Energy Management and Air-conditioning Energy Conservation Supervision System’, to provide core technology and products for the energy conservation projects among Guangdong province and even the whole country.