Key Laboratory of Polymer Processing Engineering
time: 2017-04-20

The establishment of key Laboratory of polymer processing engineering of Ministry of education at South China University of Technology was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in Aug, 2000.And it officially operated in 2002. It is one of the most important materials-oriented Lab in china. The founder and also the academic leader of this of the lab is professor Jin-ping Qu at China academy of engineering. There are master’s programs, doctoral programs and post-doctoral research stations based on materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering in the lab.

The main mission of the lab is to create good conditions for research, education, innovation and technology development in polymer materials processing engineering and equipment, and also to attract outstanding scholars at home and abroad in this field. The Lab aims to become the world-class platform for basic and applied research, a national training base for research talents in the field of polymer processing and engineering. The aim of the lab is to establish itself as an open platform for both national and international. And we are committed to provide important contributions to the growing development of the polymer industry.

In order to meet the development of the polymer science and national economy, great efforts have been made to develop the innovative processing theory and equipment with independent intellectual property rights since its establishment under the principle of “open, flow, union and competition”. Significant progress has achieved in scientific research, personnel training, team construction and domestic and international academic exchange and so on.

The establishment of the key Laboratory of polymer processing engineering of Ministry of education South China University of Technology is based on the Level-1 discipline doctoral degree programs of material science and engineering and mechanical engineering, the five Doctoral programs of material science, materials processing engineering, materials chemistry and physics, mechanical design and theory, chemical machinery etc. Currently the laboratory consists of 52 permanent research staffs and among them 26 are professors, 13 are associate professor, vice professor and senior engineer, 40 of them have a PhD Degree. Among the mincluding 1 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 Chang Jiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education and 4 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 chief scientist of 973 Program, 11 winners of the new century talents of Ministry of education and 3 winners of New Century Talents Project Plan. In 2008, the innovation team of “polymer materials processing the novel theory and technology for polymer processing” is selected for the “cheung kong scholars and innovation team development planof the ministry of education. At present, an academic team composed of reasonable age, title, and subject structure, with higher academic level, and stronger crucial ability was formed. It is a diligent and devoted research team full of teamwork spirit and good at innovation.

Major Research Areas

1-Technology and theory for polymer processing

Major research content

●Theory and equipment for polymer plasticizing, extrusion, mixing and injecting

●Polymer reaction molding process, mechanism and equipment

●Preparation and molding technology of high performance polymer based composites

●Characterizing and intelligent control during polymer processing

2-Dynamics of polymer materials processing

Major research content

●Non-linear phenomena of polymer molding process and its simulation and emulation

●Non-linear dynamics of physical fields aided polymer processing

●Application of non-linear dynamics theory in intelligent equipment for polymer processing

3- Physical chemistry problems of polymers processing

Major research content

● Reponses of polymer properties and morphology structure to different physical force fields

●Rheological and polymer physics of complex fluid in different physical stress fields

● Mechano-chemical effect of polymer based composites during processing assisted by different physical force field