Basic Mechanical Experiment Center
time: 2015-12-31

Basic Mechanical Experiment Center of South China University of Technology was founded in March 2005. Jointed by basic mechanical experiment lab., CAD lab., material processing lab. and mechanical engineering lab., the center is the important teaching practice base for students to obtain mechanical experimental knowledge, operational skills and innovative abilities. In the center, there are more than 30 practical and experimental courses for the undergraduate students of machinery and similar specialties. Innovative design platforms are provided for both undergraduates and post-graduates for courses teaching and scientific research studying. The center was named as National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center by Ministry of Education of China in 2006.

There are 58 staffs. Among them, 83% are holding master degrees or doctoral degrees, and twenty-one staffs are with senior professional titles and seven with Intermediate professional titles. The center occupies more than 12 thousand square meters, holding more than 2,500 equipments, and it is mainly responsible for experimental teaching per year for over 3,000 undergraduate students in 8 major categories of mechanical and similar specialties. The publics, the student of other universities and the relevant units are also accepted to get hands-on training, provide assistance and solve the difficulties.

Fifty-six teaching research projects have been undertaken, among which four are the state-level projects. Sixty- two papers have been published in education reform, including five international conference papers in English. Furthermore, the center staffs also have undertaken or participated seventy four scientific research projects and the total funding for research sums up to more than 12 million. The published textbooks written or edited by the staffs are more than twenty. In recent years, three teaching and research achievements have been awarded the national teaching achievement prizes, and four have been awarded the first prize of outstanding teaching achievements of Guangdong Province.

Basic Mechanical Experiment Center offers eighty four experiments. They are:
A: Thirty eight basic experiments
1. computer aid drawing
2. mechanical movement sketch drawing
3. framework Cognitive
4. rotor balance
5. sliding bearing
6. heat treatment of steel
7. diesel engine disassemble experiment
B: Thirty five skill enhance experiments
1. bolt link experiment
2. machine running speed fluctuate regulate experiment
3. machine transmission performance test experiment
4. shafting structure analyze
5. gear parameter measure
C: Eleven research and innovative experiments
1. fischer model innovative experiments
2. computer aid 3 dimension model create
3. computer animation create
4. framework movement scheme innovative experiment
5. virtual instrument in mechanical part measure