Automotive Laboratory Center
time: 2015-12-31

The automotive laboratory center from the School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, is make up of automotive engineering key laboratory, hydraulic laboratory, thermal and power engineering laboratory, in addition to the innovation base of the new Automotive Technology and UGS automotive innovation platform. The whole center covers an area of about 2000 square meters, owns 8 teachers including professional director.

For the school teaching, the automotive laboratory center offers the courses as follows: automotive comprehensive experiment, basic automobile engineering experiment and automobilism practice etc. Some of them also can serve the scientific researches, even the public. All of the experimental courses combine theory with practice and closely connect with social practicalness.

With strong experimental research ability and creative ability, the laboratory not only sets professional experimental courses, but also undertakes all kinds of projects. Such as state natural science fund, ministry of education innovation team and key projects, national defense project, the natural science fund of Guangdong province, etc. Anyway, it is our very important base for experimental teaching, scientific research, personnel training and technical service. Moreover, it is the indispensable base for the development of our academic subject.