Our Graduate Students Won the First and Third Prizes of the 3rd China Packaging Innovation Scholarship
time: 2022-01-22

Recently, the 3rd China Packaging Innovation Forum and the 3rd China Packaging Innovation Scholarship Award Ceremony were successfully held in Shanghai. It is hosted by China Packaging Federation, China Youth Packaging Innovation Development Forum Organizing Committee and Wuhan University, and sponsored by RR Donnelley, an international giant in the printing industry. This year, more than 60 students from Wuhan University, Jilin University, South China University of Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and more than 40 other institutions across China applied for Packaging Innovation Scholarship. Innovation Scholarship graduate group of the first prize 1, second prize 3, third prize 9. Among them, Ling Cai, a 2019 PhD student and Jieni Tian, a master's student from the School of Light Industry Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology, won the first prize and the third prize, supervised by Prof. Chen Guangxue.


In this Packaging Innovation Scholarship, Ling Cai, who won the first prize in the graduate student category, focuses on 3D printing of flexible and transparent conductive materials. She used the advantages of 3D printing to personalize the structure of flexible transparent conductive materials in three-dimensional space, so that they can be used in the field of intelligent sensing and smart packaging with more sensitive interactive functions, providing a new way of thinking for the transformation and upgrading of the industry in the field of green printing and smart packaging. Based on the above research content, Ling Cai has published 8 papers, 5 of which are SCI I papers. She has applied for a total of 9 national patents, 1 international PCT patent and submitted a US patent application, among which 4 patents have been granted. Jieni Tian, who won the third prize, focuses on color reproduction and anti-counterfeiting strategies for 3D printed products. She participated in the research project of National Natural Science Foundation of China on Full Color 3D Printing Color Reproduction Theory Method and Evaluation System by Prof. Chen, published 2 SCI papers and 3 EI papers, and participated in writing 1 English book.

       Prof. Chen has led his team and students to actively follow the development trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) era and continue to explore the development mode of printing and packaging + IoT in recent years. In the fields of flexible printed electronics, smart packaging and color 3D printing, Prof. Chen's team has received support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology R&D Program. The team has carried out theoretical exploration and process technology innovation around new conductive materials, paper-based sensors and full-color 3D printing on large format paper-based materials, and systematically solved the construction of multiple anti-counterfeit system of 2D code. In this sense, they realized the efficient preparation of paper-based sensors based on print manufacturing technology and their applications, and proposed the theoretical model and evaluation method for full-color 3D printing color reproduction. The related research has received wide attention from the industry and won several awards, including the First Prize of Technical Invention of China Photoreceptor Society and the Second Prize of Invention and Innovation of China Invention Association.