Songqing Hu
time: 2017-05-24

Personal Information

Name: Song-Qing Hu

Title: Professor 

School of Food Science and Engineering

South China University of Technology

Guangzhou, China, 510640

Tel: +86-135 3517 1165


Education Background

PhD  South China University of Technology  2003

MS  South China University of Technology  1997

BS Central South University of Technology (Central South University)  1994

Professional Activities

1997-Present South China University of Technology  Professor (2011-Present), Associate Professor (2005- 2011), Lecturer (2000- 2005), Assistant (1997-2000)

2005- 2007  Hokkaido University, Japan  Post-Doctor

Field of Research

(1) Food protein structure and function, focusing on studying the structure and function relationship of grain protein at the molecular level.

(2) Preparation and application of special enzyme for food and biotechnology industries, focusing on the heterologous expression, purification and application of tools enzyme for molecular biology and flour improved enzymes.

(3) Food nutrition and health, focusing on the preparation of biological active ingredients by bioengineering.

Publications (* as corresponding author)

Liu G, Wang JJ, Hou Y, Huang YB, Zhang YP, Li CZ, Li L, Hu SQ. Recombinant wheat endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin 1 improved wheat dough properties and bread quality. J Agr Food Chem, 2017, 65:2162-2171.

Liu G, Wang JJ, Hou Y, Huang YB, Li CZ, Li L, Hu SQ. Improvements of modified wheat protein disulfide isomerases with chaperone activity only on the processing quality of flour. Food Bioprocess Tech, 2017, 10: 568-581.

Wang JJ, Liu G, Huang YB, Zeng QH, Song GS, Hou Y, Li L, Hu SQ. Role of N-terminal domain of HMW 1Dx5 in the functional and structural properties of wheat dough. Food Chem, 2016, 213: 682-690.

Wang JJ, Liu GY, Liu G, Zeng QH, Shen X, Hou Y, Li L, Hu SQ. The soluble recombinant N-terminal domain of HMW 1Dx5 and its aggregation behavior. Food Res Int, 2015, 78: 201-208.

Hu SQ, Gao Y G, Tajima K, Sunagawa N, Zhou Y, Kawano S, Fujiwara T, Yoda T, Shimura D, Satoh Y, Munekata M, Tanaka I, and Yao M. Structure of bacterial cellulose synthase subunit D octamer with four inner passageways. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2010, 107(42): 17957-17961.