Junru Qi
time: 2017-05-24

Personal Information

Name:Junru Qi

School of Food Scienceand Engineering
Fax:      020-87114263


Education Background

1994.9~1998.6 Zhengzhou Grain College,  Bachelor Degreefermentation engineering,;

1998.9~2001.6Henan University of Technology,Master DegreeFood Science and Engineering;

2001.9~2004.6South China University of Technology, Doctoral DegreeFood Biotechnology.

Employment Summary

Professor (2015- present): School of Food Scienceand Engineering, South China University of Technology (SCUT), Guangzhou.

Associate Professor ( 2009 -2015) :College of Light Industry and Food Sciences,South China University of Technology (SCUT), Guangzhou.
Lecturer(2004-2009): College of Light Industry and Food Sciences, South ChinaUniversity of Technology.

Field of Research
Protein (especially soy protein) modification,physicochemical and functional properties.

- Intensive processing of agriculture products

- Polysaccharide structure,modification and bioactivity.

Current Research Projects

1.The structure change of protein and Maillard reaction undermacromolecular crowding environment. The National Natural Science Fund,31370036,2014-2017

2. Study on the Mechanism for covalent conjugates and protein molecular modified with polysaccharide based on macromolecular crowding.The National Natural ScienceFundation of China, 31000758, 2011-2013

3.Fabrication and characterization of core-shell nanogels.  Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,2015Z2119, 2015-2017

4.Study on the mechanism for covalent conjugates of polysaccharide-peptide based onmacromolecular crowding.Fundamental Research Funds for the CentralUniversities (key program), 2012ZZ0086, 2012-2014

5. The Maillard reaction mechanism for protein and polysaccharide based on macromolecular crowding.Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,20092M0145,2010-2011

6.The Formation Mechanism in Liquid System and Interface Behavior of Protein - Polysaccharide Conjugate.Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China,10451200501004341.  2005- 2006

7.The modern biotechnology research and development of extract proteins, shortpeptides and polysaccharides from the agro-processing waste.Fujian Provincial Majorregional projects 2001N3008,2011-2013

8.  Study on the key technology of special protein ingredients forspecial population.National high technology research and development program of China (863 Program),B1130400,2013-2017

9.Research and industrialization development of proteinthat can beresistant to extreme environment.National science and Technology Ministry of science and technology support program,B1120530,2012-2014

10.Research on the key technology of high efficiency preparation of special nutritionaland functionalfood for people in special pathological period. National science and Technology Ministry of science and technology support program,2012BAD33B10-2,202-2015

Publications (*as corresponding author)

1Feng JL,Qi JR*, Yang XQ, Huang Q R . Fabrication and Characterization of Stable Soy beta-conglycinin-Dextran Core-Shell Nanogels via a Self-assembly Approach at the Isoeletric Point, J. Agri. Food Chem63(26):6075-6083 (IF 2.906).2015.

2Weng JY, Qi JR*, Yin SW, Wang JM , Yang XQ. Fractionation and characterization of soy b-conglycinin–dextran  conjugates via macromolecular crowding environment and dry heating, Food  Chemistry,196(4):1264-1271 (IF 3.901). 2016

3Liu QR, Qi JR*, Yin SW, Yang XQ. The influence of heat treatment on acid-tolerant emulsions prepared from acid soluble soy protein and soy soluble polysaccharide complexes, Food Research International , (IF 2.414).2016

4Zhang X , Qi JR*, Li  KK , Yin SW , Wang JM , Yang  XQCharacterization of soy β-conglycinin-dextran conjugate prepared by Maillard reaction in crowded liquid systemFood Research International,49, (2), 648–654. (IF 3.005). 2012.

5Zhuo, XY,  Qi JR*, Yin SW, Yang, XQ, Huang, LX. Formation of soy protein isolate-dextran conjugates by moderate Maillard reaction in macromolecular crowding conditions. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 93 (2), 316-323. (IF 1.759). 2013.

6Qi JR*, Yang XQ, Liao JS. Improvement of functional properties of acid-precipitated soy protein by the attachment of dextran through Maillard reactionInternational Journal of Food Science and Technology, 442296-2302 (IF 1.24) .2009.

7Qi JR*, Yang XQ, Liao JS. Formation of Acid-Precipitated Soy Protein -Dextran Conjugates by Controlled Maillard Reaction in Liquid SystemsInternational Journal of Food Science and Technology, 45, 2573–2580 (IF 1.24) .2010.

8Zhu JH, Yang XQ ,Qi JR*, & Zhu DH . Effect of transglutaminase on the functional properties of GDL(glucono-delta-lactone) cold-set soybean glycinin gelInternational Journal of Food Science and Technology, 46, 963–971 (IF 1.24) .2011.

9Qi JR*,Zhuo XY,Yang XQ.Preparation and Properties of SPI-DextranConjugate in Liquid SystemJournal of South China University of Technology2011,39,99-104 (EI)

10Qi JR*,Zhuo XY,Yang XQ. Formation of soy protein isolate - dextran conjugatesin macromolecular crowding conditions, China Food Additives,5, 158-162.2011. (EI)

11  Zhu,JH,Yang,XQ, Qi JR*, Effect of sulfate- and carbonyl- polysaccharides on quality characteristics of tofu, Advanced Materials Research, 11,396-398:1680-1683.2011. (EI)

12Zhang X, Qi JR*, Yang XQ。Properties of soybean 7S globulin modified by dextran,CIESC Journal, 63, 2181-2186. 2012. (EI)

13Weng JY,Feng JL,Kang YH,Qi JR*,Yang XQ,Effect of glycosylation on gel properties of β-conglycinin under macromolecularcrowding condition,CIESC Journal, 2014,(12):5075-5081.EI


Professional Activties

1.Rutgers University, Americavisiting scholar, 2012.07-2013.07

2.Provincial research personnel fostered by Guangdong Province in theThousandHundredand Ten project, 2014

3.Reviewer of national journals, such asJ Agric Food Chem., Food hydrocolloids, Food Res Int.

Courses Offered

1.  “Food toxicology” for undergraduate students majoring in Food ScienceandEngineering.
2.  Foodbiochemistry” for undergraduate student majoring in Food ScienceandEngineering.

3. “Foodtoxicology” for graduate student majoring in Food Science.

4. “Cereal science and engineering” for graduate student majoring in Food Science.