Jianyu Su
time: 2017-02-26

Name:    Jianyu Su
Introduction:Associate Professor

School of Food Science and Engineering
 Tel:        0086-20-87113252
 Fax:       0086-20-87113252
 E-mail:   jysu

Education Background
2005.09-2008.06  Ph. D., South China University of technology, CHINA, sugar making;

1999.09-2003.06  B. Sc., Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, CHINA, biotechnology and engineering.

Employment Summary
2016.01-present   Associate Professor of School of Food Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology

2013.09-2015.12  Associate Professor of College of Light Industry and Food Science, South  China University of Technology

2008.07-2013.08 Lecturer of College of Light Industry and Food Science, South China University of Technology

Field of Research
1.  Analysis of food components from functional foods;

2. Extraction and purification of bioactive natural products from botanical food sources; 

3.  Combinations of bioactive natural products with other dietary chemopreventive agents for maximizing cancer prevention.

Current Research Projects
1. Preparation of pure natural borneol from leaves of a typus physiologions Cinnanloni., the Guangdong Science and Technology Department Foundation, as Investigator;

2. Synergistic apoptosis-inducing effects on cancer cells of natural borneol and curcumin, the Guangdong Science and Technology Department Foundation, as Investigator.

Publications* as corresponding author

1Chen, J.P., Li, L., Su Jianyu*, Li, B., Zhang, X., Chen, T.F*. Proteomic analysis of G2/M arrest triggered by natural borneol/curcumin in HepG2 cells, the importance of reactive oxygen species-p53 pathway. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 63, 6440–6449, 2015  

2Chen, J.P., Li, L., Su Jianyu*, Li, B., Chen, T.F.*, Ling, F.Q., Zhang, X. Enhancing effect of natural borneol on the cellular uptake of demethoxycurcumin and their combined induction of G2M arrest in HepG2 cells via ROS generation. Journal of Functional Foods. 17, 103-114, 2015  

3Chen, J.P., Li, L., Su Jianyu*, Chen, T.F*. Natural borneol enhances bisdemethoxycurcumin -induced cell cycle arrest in the G2/M phase through up-regulation of intracellular ROS in HepG2 cells. Food & Function. 6, 740-748, 2015   

4Zhao Ling, Chen Jianping, Su Jianyu*, Li Lin, Hu Songqing, Li Bing, Zhang, Xia, Xu Zhenbo, Chen Tianfeng*. In vitro Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of 5-HMF (5-Hydroxymethylfurfural). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61(44): 10604-10611, 2013  

5Ling Zhaoa, Jianyu Su*, Lin Li, Jianping Chen, Songqing Hu, Xia Zhang, Tianfeng Chen*. Mechanistic elucidation of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest induced by 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, the important role of ROS-mediated signaling pathways. Food Research International, 66:186-196, 2014  

6Jianping Chen, Lin Li, Jianyu Su*, Bing Li, Tianfeng Chen*, Yum-Shing Wong. Synergistic apoptosis-inducing effects on A375 human melanoma cells of natural borneol and curcumin. Plos One, 27;9(6):e101277, 2014  

7Jianyu Su*, Haoqiang Lai, Jianping Chen, Yum-Shing Wong, Lin Li, Tianfeng Chen, Xiaoling Li*. Natural borneol, a monoterpenoid compound, potentiates selenocystine-induced apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells by enhancement of cellular uptake and activation of ROS-mediated DNA damage. Plos One, 8(6): e63502, 2013     

8Chen Jianping, Zhou Rong, Li Lin, Li Bing, Zhang Xia, Su Jianyu*. Mechanical, Rheological and Release Behaviors of a Poloxamer 407/Poloxamer 188/Carbopol 940 Thermosensitive Composite Hydrogel. Molecules, 18 (10): 12415-12425, 2013   

9Su Jianyu*, Chen Jianping, Li Lin, Li Bing, Shi Lei, Chen Ling, Xu Zhenbo. Formation of β-cyclodextrin Inclusion Enhances the Stability and Aqueous Solubility of Natural Borneol. Journal of Food Science. 77(6):658-664, 2012  

10Su Jianyu*, Chen Jianping, Li Lin, Li Bing, Shi Lei, Zhang Hongmei, Ding Xiong. . Preparation of natural borneol/2-hydroxypropy-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex and its effect on the absorption of tetramethylpyrazine phosphate in mouse. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 60(6):736-742, 2012

Professional Activities

1. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)Member

2. China Agro-technological Extension Association (CATEA), Member

Courses Offered
1.  “Carbohydrate Chemistry” for undergraduate students majoring in Food Science as well as Sugar Engineering.