Division of Soil Pollution Control and Remediation was established in March 2019. Our team has eight members: Professors DANG Zhi, YIN Hua, SHI Zhenqing, LU Guining, YANG Chen, YI Xiaoyun, and Associate Professors GUO Chuling, LIANG Yuzhen. All our members have gained PhD degree and been trained overseas for more than one year. Many members of our division were honored with titles including Chief Scientist of the National Key R&D Program Project of China, Winner of the National Outstanding Youth Funds, Expert of the Special Government Allowances of the State Council, High-level Overseas Talents, Young CJ Scholars of the Ministry of Education, New *** Talents of the Ministry of Education, Winner of the Guangdong **** Funds, Guangdong Science and Technology Innovative Young Tip-top Talents, Guangzhou Pearl River Science and Technology Rising Stars, National Excellent Environmental Science and Technology Workers, etc. In addition, our team has been selected as the local innovation and entrepreneurship team of the Guangdong Special Support Program.

As for teaching,our division is responsible for lecturing in many courses in SCUT, such as “Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering” , “Environment and Human Civilization”, “Environmental Chemistry”, “Environmental Monitoring”, “Environmental Toxicology”, “Environmental Remediation Technology”, and major courses like “Soil Ecology” , “Environmental Biotechnology” , “Environmental Organic Chemistry” , “English for Academic Purposes”, “Soil Pollution Control and Remediation Lectures” for postgraduate students. Among all the courses, “Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering” is the school-level excellent course. Our division recently published a textbook called “Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering”. In addition, many of our members have won lots of school-level awards such as the “Excellence Award for Undergraduates Teaching” and the “Award for the most Appreciated Teacher”. Many students in our division won lot of prizes including national scholarships, corporate/social donation scholarships, school-level excellent graduation thesis awards, school-level professional practice outstanding graduate students, etc. Also, we set up an award called “Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Paper” to reward the students in our division or those who have been admitted to our division to study for a master's degree for completing their undergraduate papers.

As for scientific research, we are dedicated in the study of environmental behaviors of heavy metals and organic pollutants, the control and remediation for the contaminated sites, such as metal sulfide mining sites, e-waste dismantling sites and farmland sites. Our division also hosted several national key projects including two National Key R&D Program of China, two National Natural Science Foundation of China, two National Natural Science Foundation of China-Guangdong Joint Fund Key Project and one Key International (Regional) Cooperative Research Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Till now, we have published more than 600 research papers on Environmental Science & Technology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Environmental Science-Nano, Environment International, Environmental Pollution, Science of the Total Environment, Bioresource Technology, etc. We also have obtained more than 40 authorized invention patents. Our division has published more than 10 academic monographs about “Series of Environmental Pollution Source Control and Ecological Restoration” and “Series of Ecological Restoration of Mining Areas” in the Science Press. The research results won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of the Guangdong Science and Technology Award, and the first prize of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award.