Group of Energy Storage and Conversion

In response to the current urgent need for clean and sustainable energy, the team focuses on our country’s sustainable energy development strategy. By relying on our university’s advantageous disciplines in the energy field, we integrate relevant resources inside and outside the school, and are devoted to the forward-looking theoretical and technical research on energy storage and conversion. The main research areas include: rational design of the functional nanostructure of new materials, preparation of nanomaterials, modeling, theoretical calculation and in-situ characterization of charge and mass transport in ion and electronic conductors, physical and electrochemistry behavior of the thin films at the interfaces for the solid-state electrochemical energy storage and conversion of devices, etc.

In recent years, the team has been supported by the National 863 program, National natural science foundation and high-tech companies more than 15 times, published more than 400 peer-reviewed high-profile journal articles, edited or participated in the publishing 9 books and obtained 18 authorized patents.