Division of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control (DAEPC), is a professional, multi-functional, and regionally distinctive highland for the teaching and research of air pollution control. The division aims at the applied technologies and key scientific issues to be solved, and researches on the development of core technology & equipment for air pollution control. DAEPC has built a good reputation all around the country and formed a team of capable teachers including 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 1 senior engineer.

DAEPC has been committed to solving national and regional air pollution problems. It has become an important base of cultivating first-class international talents in the field of pollution prevention. The division focuses on cultivating high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents to meet the talent needs of national and regional atmospheric environment and pollution control. It has set up relevant professional courses and construction practice bases including bilingual quality course “Air Pollution Control Engineering” to improve students' application innovation ability in an all-round way. DAEPC has platforms as National Engineering Laboratory for Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution Control Technology and Equipment, Professional Committee of Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution Control of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences (CSES), and Guangdong Provincal Key laboratory of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control . It also undertakes a number of national major projects and high-level international cooperation projects between China and the United States, and has achieved a series of internationally advanced research results. Through continuous exploration, it has formed a collaborative driving mechanism of teaching, scientific research and social service. DAEPC can provide strong support for the development of regional air pollution control technologies and their industrial application.