The launching ceremony of "Red Gene Project"
time: 2018-06-13

On June 9, the School of Biology and Biological Engineering of SCUT held the “Red Gene Project” launching ceremony & the Student Party Congress. Zhu Min, Vice President of SCUT attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

Zhu Min stated that the Red Gene Project is a vivid practice of implementing the school party committee's goal of comprehensively advancing the construction of one college and one brand. Besides, it reflects the idea that the party construction work serves the development of the school career and the ideological progress of teachers and students.

Combining the content of the Red Gene Project in learned articles, students showed wonderful red recitals, sitcoms, choruses, and other red classic performances, allowing the audience to experience the charm of red classics at close range.

At last, Guests at the conference lit up the start-up ball and launched the Red Gene Project. Afterwards, the head of the college issued a letter of appointment for old professors who were hired as the Red Gene Project instructors.