“South China elite program on stem cells and regenerative medicine” 2017 enrollment propaganda was held in SCUT
time: 2017-03-23

“South China elite program on stem cells and regenerative medicine”, co-founded by SCUT and Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health(GIBH), Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been cultivating a lot of talents in the field of biology science and the fifth enrollment propaganda was held at B6-207 meeting room in the University City campus. 

Prof. Lin Ying, Vice Dean of School of Bioscience and Bioengineering, introduced the basic situation of operation, and said that the cooperation provide lots of high quality resources for the undergraduate teaching. Pan Guangjin, Vice President of GIBH, introduced the history and the future development of GIBH.

In addition, student representative Cui Yuanbin shared his scientific research, life experience as well as harvest in the health center. It was recommended that the junior students should be cultivate their own interests and curiosity, learn to find and solve problems and grasp the opportunities offered by the college.

During the live Q & A, the teachers and students had a close communication. Dean Pan answered the questions that students are most concerned about. He said that not only the class can cultivate students' scientific thinking, but greatly improve the students learning initiative, independent thinking and innovation. He hoped that more and more students can participate in this program.

GIBH has converged a lot of top biomedical talents around the world, has cultivated a batch of outstanding talents, and has achieved fruitful scientific research results since its establishment in 2006. At the same time, GIBH cooperate with institutes and universities including the China University of Science and Technology, Jilin Universities and South China University of Technology and others.