Doctor's Graduate Programs-Biochemical Engineering
time: 2015-07-03

Doctor's Graduate Programs-Biochemical Engineering


1、Cultivation Objective
This profession train the senior specialized talents with overall developments of moral, intellectual and physical, and with a soled theoretical basis for bio-chemical, skilled experimental skills and broad academic perspectives, mastering the development trends and frontiers of this discipline, with innovation and higher innovation ability, can work on teaching, researching or managing in institution of higher education, research institution, enterprises and other units.

2、period of schooling
3 years including the time of answering of degree paper, and the period of schooling is under 6 years in general.

3、Major Reseach Direction
1)Applied biological catalysis  
2)Enzyme Chemical 
3)Microbial Pharmaceutical
4)Bioconversion of Renewable Resource   

4、training mode
   The training plan of doctor students should be drafted in 2 weeks after enrolling, and take the midterm examination according to The regulations of doctor students’ midterm examination of SCUT  in the 8th to 15th week of the 3rd semester and finish the social (teaching) practice before the ending of the 3rd semester.

5、Requirement of credit
The required credits of doctor students of this major are no fewer than 32, including 14 course credits (8 required credits and 6 elective credits ), 1 credit of thesis proposal, 2 credits of academic activity (15 times of academic lecture including 3 times of crossing The secondary discipline ), 15 credits of degree thesis.

6、work of degree paper
Doctor students should draft the thesis planning and write the thesis proposal in the 8th to 15th week of the 3rd semester. Before applying the answering of degree paper, the publishing of papers carry out according to The regulations of applying degree and publish papers of doctor students of SCUT (SCUT Graduate No.[2003]24). After finishing the degree paper, students begin to prepare the answering according to The Degree in detailed rules for the implementation of the provisional regulations of SCUT and The regulations about applying answering of degree paper of graduate students of SCUT.