Master's Graduate Programs-Biomedical Engineering
time: 2015-07-03

Master's Graduate Programs-Biomedical Engineering


1. Training objectives
The major training objectives are to equip student with
i. a solid basic theory in biomedical engineering, biotechnology and professional practice knowledge, 
ii. a strong scientific research ability, 
iii. a strong research design and teaching ability, 
iv. be familiar with the professional scientific and technological developments and enable the Master of bioengineering can producing, engineering, teaching, researching In related businesses, research institutes, hospitals, colleges .

2. Study Duration
Three years study program but shall not exceed five years (including leave of absence)

3. Main Research Areas
i、Biomedical signal detection and treatment
ii、Biomedical imaging and image processing
iii、Biomedical measurement and instruments
iv、Cell and molecular biomechanics
v、Cell adhesion and intracellular signal transduction
vi、Biological medical and biological information data mining
vii、Protein structure and function
viii、Biomedical material and its bionics
ix、rug carrier material
x、Biological micro processing and biological chip

4. Mode of Training 
The Master student should work out the development programs within two weeks after start of the academic year and also participate in various assessments in the first 13 to 16 weeks of the third semester in accordance with the “South China University of Technology Master's degree graduate mid phase screening regulation”. The student must complete a community (teaching) practice session by the first 20 weeks of the third semester.

5. Credit Requirements
This master program requires to complet all the couses selectived, of which the taught courses should have a minimum 28 credits (compulsory courses-19 credits, electives-9 credits), literature review and the opening report-1 credit, academic activities-2 credits, thesis-12 credits.

6. Dissertation work
Student should formulate of thesis plan, writing the opening report, read literature not less than 50 before the end of the second semester .Instructor should check the students' progress of examination papers at appropriate time in the fourth semester . Master's thesis requires a high academic level, innovation and good prospects for practical applications, dissertation writing requires specifications. Dissertation carry out as“The relevant provisions on graduate student of South China University of Technology s for the Application for Degree ”Apply for graduate school in the reply, student  should publish at least one research paper (review paper excluded) in the core journals and over as the South China University of Technology signed for the first unit, he as the first author or mentor for the first author, or he as the second author; or publish a SCI paper (except review papers) as South China University of units for the first signature,he as the first author or second author .