Undergraduate Programs
time: 2015-07-03

Undergraduate Programs


Bioengineering is an important front subject in developing and producing various biotech products by applying modern technical principle of bioengineering. The department mainly prepares students into senior technological talents on the development and introduction of new technologies and products, the design of new processes and equipments, as well as scientific researches in bioengineering field. 


Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary subject, based on theories from chemistry, physics, higher mathematics, and other related subjects. The aim of the department is to cultivate the applied and specialized talents in biological applied and basic research, technological development and management, who have scientific attitude and innovation ability.  

★Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering is a newly-sprung overlapping marginal subject, which has wide utilization in many fields and plays a key role in human health and medical care. The department mainly prepares students into high quality professionals who will be engaged in scientific researches, technology development, as well as teaching and administration in biomedical engineering field.