The “Standard for the Preparation of Industrial Organic Waste Gas Regenerative Burners” was held successfully
time : 2018-06-12

      On July 27, 2017, the Industrial Organic Waste Gas Regenerative Combustion Device standardization workshop was led by Ye Daiqi, National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs Pollution Control Technology and Equipment, and was organized in Conference Room 308 of the School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology.

       The conference invited mature companies in the field of industrial organic waste gas RCO treatment technology. They are Kelan Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd., Tianyi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Langjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Gulf Environment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Huashijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiayuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. In the early part of the conference, the revised draft of the draft of Industrial Organic Waste Heat Storage and Combustion Device was reviewed and approved. During the meeting, the relevant clauses and explanations were mainly discussed one by one, and the relevant technical personnel of each company were also asked about the relevant technical requirements in combination with practical applications. valuable opinion.

       The meeting lasted for the whole morning. After a in-depth discussion, the standard for the industrial organic waste heat storage and combustion device was basically finalized. The revision of this standard not only provides a reference standard for China's industrial organic waste gas RCO treatment technology, but also has an important role in promoting the continuous development of organic pollution control technologies in China's current industrial organic waste gas treatment technology is still not perfect.