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Message from the Dean  

With Toil, Progress Gined
Dean of Marxist School, Liu Xin
(14 November 2012)

After Struggling all the way to triumph, all the way to clouds, we have a proud title - engineers of human souls; after having been pursuing, looking forward, we have a common home - the establishment of an independent ideological and political theory teaching research institutes; carrying brilliant, history, carrying the mission, we have a famous name - Political College!
As an independent institution of the ideological and political theory course teaching and research unit, the name "Political Academy" appears first. It highlights the spirit of the pioneers of the South developed areas of reform and opening up and, but also underscores our further strengthen strong determination and confidence of ideological and political theory course construction and Marxism Theory Subject!
It has built a research doctorates."thought" is the top priority. Ideological and Political Science always put importance to academic thinking, the theoretical ideas at the core, importance to scientific research; always adhere to building a high level of construction of the South China University of Technology, and enhancing the Academy brand and personal spiritual values, ​​requiring a combination of academic Highlands, theoretical positions and think tanks ground.
"politics" is of great importance, "teaching quality" is very important. Adhere to the socialist orientation, ideological and political theory course bear a very special historical mission and the historic task. Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory  is very responsible and well-edcated.
Political Academy philosophy adheres to the "Characteristic Development"; management of group Political Academy implement "Professor hospital treatment." We should put attention to ideological, political, quality, and features rapid development," and also strive to create a "united, Zonta, justice, Humanities "atmosphere. College is necessary to carry out superior execution instructions and the spirit, but also to maintain the interests and rights of students and staff.To achieve this performance means to adhere to the "professor hospital treatment." Core "Professor Governance Institute" is "democratic management"; "Professor government hospital," the implementation of "the professor to the podium, to the professor take the stage, let Professor station reception." Through "the professor to the podium, to the professor take the stage, let Professor station reception,".
We should grasp the direction and abide by the norms, unite the people, promote the awareness of student' politics. For a comprehensive development, it should be breakthroughs peak in talent introduction, high-quality training of young teachers and academic achievement.
Marxist College----Building five stands high, surrounded by beautiful flower and green tree. It is modest,although it owns rich intelligence. We believe Marxist Collge will definitely become more stronger and more suceessful.