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Overview of scientific research  

Thesis Title

Author Date of publication published journals
1 Interpretation Model On Van Fraassen Context i Yan Kunru 2009-09 Philosophical Research
2 Ideological and Political Education Theory and practice Research Liu Shexin 2009-04



Ideological and theoretical education Journal
3 On the "co-benefits" Principle of Ideological and Political Education work Liu Shexin 2009-08 Party Construction and Ideological Education
4 Postmodern fragmentation and Virtue Care Wng Yanlin 2009-10 Party Construction and Ideological Education
5 Causality Quantum Teleportation Process Analysis Wu Guolin 2009-06 Party Construction and Ideological Education
6 Teaching Methods of Improve Thinking Ability under Open Concept Yan Kunru Huang Liwen 2009-02 Studies in Dialectics of Nature
7 Debate and Reflection on Animal Culture Wang Xianchuan 2009-09 Journal of Dialectics of Nature
8 Progress of Postphenomenology Wu Guolin 2009-04 Journal of Dialectics of Nature
9 On Reversal of Mao Zedong’s Foreign Investment Li Xiaoping 2009-05 Philosophical Trends
10 On Three Theories of Get Rid of Modern Human Predicament Attempt Wang Xiaoli 2009-08 Jianghan BBS
11 On "pragmatic diplomacy" between Taiwa(China) and African Countries' Relations Kang Shen 2009-03 Shandong Social Science
12 Iranian’s "Uncooperative" of Nuclear Issue to US Jia Huiyin 2009-05 West Asia and Africa
13 Scientific Pragmatic Explanation Reconstruction Yan Kunru 2009-04 Science, Technology and Dialectics
14 Research on Problems of Scientific Research Yan Kunru 2009-06 Journal of Wuhan University
15 Influence of Adjective, Verb Overlapping on Semantic Cognition Wang Xianchuan 2009-07 Language Teaching and Research
16 Fluoroscopy of Pornographic Era Zuo Weiqing 2009-01 The China Youth Research
17 Under the Process of Teaching Improving Students Consciousness Bai Xinhuan 2009-01 Journal of Hunan Medical University (social science edition)
18 Modern morality and human relations steering Yang Chao 2009-04 China's Moral Education
19 Full Development of Information Society and Young Students Zan Yulin 2009-03 Ideological and Theoretical Education
20 "Awe" in Chinese Context Wng Xiaoli 2009-08 Moral and Civilization
21 05 Program Teachers’


Educational Accomplishment of "Ideological and Political Theory

Zan Yulin 2009-04 Journal of Guangxi Institute of Education
22 Understanding of Harmonious Culture Building Wang Yanling 2009-02 Research on Ideological and Political work
23 "Humanized" and People": Internal Mechanism of Contemporary Cultural Production-"Generation Mechanism of Contemporary Culture." Liu Shangming 2009-01 Socialist College in Guangdong Province
24 Harmonious Society and College Humanistic Education Li Xiaoping 2009-01 The Development of Society and Economy
25 Research of Nietzsche from Neurosis Bai Xinhuan 2009-02 Journal of South China University of Technology (Social Science Edition)
26 Enlightenment of German New Debt Law System Reform Wang Xiaoli Lai Yifang 2009-06 Journal of South China University of Technology (Social Science Edition)
27 Enlightenment of US’ Ideology Means to Resist Penetration Jia Huiying 2009-04 Journal of South China University of Technology (Social Science Edition)
28 Reflections on Human Development since Reform and Opening up Yang Chao 2009-01

JouJournal of Qinghai Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition)


29 Humanism Cultivation of University Ideological and Political Theory Course Li Xiaoping 2009-08 People's BBS
30 Research of cognitive research project Zhou Yan 2009-02 Engineering Research
31 Sustainable Development in General Education of Higher Education Li Hongzhuang 2009-06 Science and Technology Innovation Journal
32 Financial Crisis under Marxism Ethical Horizon Li Xiaoping 2009-08 Channel Technology and Industry
33 College Party Construction and Ideological Work Jia Huiyin 2009-04 Xiaogan college Journal
34 Issues on Strengthening Importance and Timeliness of Leaders’ Style construction Wang Xiaojing 2009-06 Learning Theory
35 Thinking of Form of Collective Lesson Planning and Policy EffectivenessImprovement Lu Jianhua 2009-09 Learning Theory
36 On the Modern Value of Chinese Traditional Culture Huang Liwen 2009-06 Journal of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
37 From the Phenomenological Point of View of Wang Wen Wen Qie Tao Jianwen 2009-02 Journal of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
38 Teacher Self-Integration Model of Professional Development Yang Chao 2009-05 Training of Primary Teachers
39 Role of Law in Scientific Description Yan Rukun 2009-04 Huaiyin College Journal
40 Influence of Policy Guidance, Metamemory on Middle School Students English Listening Comprehension Performance Zhang Meng 2009-04 Educational Development
41 TeacherSs’ Self-Integration Theory Response to Reality Demands Yang Chao 2009-05 Educational Research Journal
42 Thoughts on Improving China's modern history Outline Lu Jianhua 2009-09 Law and Economy
43 Psychological Research with Irony Zhang Meng 2009-01 Lanzhou Academic Journal
44 Influence of Mathematics Anxiety on Junior High School Scores Song Guangwen 2009-01 Psychological Exploration
45 Differences of Aggressive Offensive between Individual and Groups Song Guangwen 2009-02 Psychology and Behavior
46 Relationship between Motivation and Performance of Junior high school students Song Guangwen 2009-07 Chinese Special Education
47 Common Sense of Ideological and Political Education Liu Shexin 2009-06-28 Yangcheng Evening News (Theoretical seeking Edition)
48 Appropriateness Study of Anti-takeover Measures Li Taien 2009-04 Guangdong lawyer
49 Marxist Interpretation of Global Economic Crisis and Enlightenment Lu Jianhua 2009-10 Economic Research Guide
50 System Construction Principles of Youth Organizations Liu Shexin 2009-01 "Seeking Change", Guangdong People's Publishing Press
51 Communist Youth League and Youth Organizations Liu Shexin 2009-01 "Seeking Change", Guangdong People's Publishing Press
52 Means to Build the youth organizations Liu Shexin 2009-01 "Seeking Change", Guangdong People's Publishing Press
53 Focus on Spiritual Well-being to Build a Harmonious Campus-Management of University Teachers Pressure Huang Jianrong 2009-01 "Continue to emancipate the mind and practice scientific concept of development"
54 College Party Construction and Ideological Work Jia Huiyin 2009-08 "Socialist Harmonious Society and Ideology"