Lectures by Professor Yuan Lou of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
time: 2022-04-27

TitlePerthame-Souganidis model, Lei Model and beyond

SpeakerProfessor Yuan Lou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Time: Thursday  ,May  4 , 2022, PM:4:00-5:30

Tencent Conference: 949-249-169

Inviter:  Prof.Rui Liu    


AbstractOrganisms exploit resources to persist, they compete with each other for survival, and sometimes even evolve themselves to adapt to the changing environment. In this talk I will first discuss some mathematical model introduced by Perthame and Souganidis, aiming to understand the evolution of movement in population dynamics. The second model, due to Jinzhi Lei, concerns stem cell regeneration with epigenetic transitions and gene mutations. These models both address persistence, competition and evolution of organisms, and thus give arise to some “similar” nonlinear integro-differential equations. Some mathematical analysis of these models will also be presented..