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Sponsor: Student Affairs Office, CommunistYouth League, School Administration Office, Graduate School,The Division ofScience and Technology, Laboratory and Facility Management, School of Science

Contractor: College of Science CommunistYouth League, Student Union, the Branch of Postgraduate Union

Joint: Digital-Analog Electron Association

 Organizations of The First Scientific-TechFestival of School of Science in SCUT

I. The Preparatory Committee of The first"Li Yuan Science and Technology Festival"


              Zhang Zhengang(DeputySecretary of Party Committee)

              Qiu Xueqing (Vice-Chancellor)

              Zhang Xichun (PrincipalAssistant, Science and Technology Office, Department Head)

             Chief:     Wu Min ( Dean of  School of Science)


Feng Xiaoning (Minister of Student Work ofParty Committee, Director of Student Affairs Office)

Li Zheng (Director of School Administration Office)

Li Zhong (Vice Dean of Graduate School)

He Zhiwei ( Minister of Graduate Work ofParty Committee)

Wu Zhenqiang (Director of Laboratory andFacility Management)

Fang Jundong (Deputy Secretary of CommunistYouth League)

Ding Yong ( Secretary of Party Committee ofSchool of Science)

Deng Wenji (Executive Associate Dean ofSchool of Science)

Liu Zhengrong(Associate Dean of School ofScience)

Wang Quandi(Associate Dean of School ofScience)

Fu Xiujun(Associate Dean of School ofScience)

Zhang Shujun(Deputy Secretary of PartyCommittee of School of Science)

Zhou Shenglin(Deputy Director of Departmentof Mathematics in School of Science

Chen Wuhe(Deputy Director of Department ofPhysics in School of  Science)

II. Admission Office

Director: Zhang Shujuan

Members: Liu Bo , Kong Zhen,  Wang Manli , Xu Hanlang , Liu Jianwei

i. Background Activity

The School of Science is the unique scienceof SCUT. For actively responding to a quality activity of our school, wesummarize experiences carefully with positive Exploratory and PioneeringInnovating, we also organize characteristic academic activity by ourselves,such as the first "Scientific-Tech Festival of School of Science"."Scientific-Tech Festival" takes bringing honor to the lofty spiritof science and building strong academic atmosphere as the goal, and trains thestudents' studying spirit of daring to climb and studying assiduously, andactives campus culture life, makes the positive contribution to the richschoolmates' currier culture life.

ii. Master Plan

1. Aim: In the pursue of "concerningabout the theoretical study, stimulating innovative ideas, cultivating talentin new era", we carries out this characteristic activity, which encouragesstudents to participate in extra-curricular science and technology activities,train innovative scientific and technological talents, inspire the interest ofstudents in learning Science, publicize Science knowledge, and spread Sciencethought and also prepare for some competitions and more reserve forces at alllevels of competition, such as "Challenge Cup", "MathematicalModeling Competition", and "Physics Experiment Design Competition inGuangdong Province", consequently, we organize the first "Scientific-Tech Festival of School ofSciences" of SCUT.

2. Time: April 2009 to December 2009.

3. Location: South China University ofTechnology campus, some well-known enterprises Of Guangdong province and somefamous labs.

4. Object: undergraduate students andgraduate students of South China University of Technology.

5. Content: The "Scientific-TechFestival of School of Science" aims at taking various of activities toactive academic atmosphere, enriching campus culture, integrating studies withfunning. So it can make students improve their creativities and abilities to findand solve problems. The whole of "Scientific-Tech Festival of School ofScience" contains four chapters, as follows:

     1) Basic knowledge: study level

 Series of Academic seminar about "entering Science"

 On the ground, inspire the infinite, the fronter knowledge of PhotoExhibition about Science

     2) Eagles wings: grow Level

 The College Students Physics Competition

 The Academic seminar of post-graduate Students

     3) Science and Technology Competition:Advance Level

 The Experiment-designing Competition of college Students Physics

 Mathematical Competition

 Electronics-Designing and Technology Production Competition

     4) Practice Services: Superior Level

 Series of activities about "Insight into the well-knownenterprises"

 Series of activities on "Laboratory exploration"

 Obligations of maintenance activities of "Getting it away --at your service"