Professor Jiping Zhang Visits the School of Mathematics
time: 2021-11-30

    Zhang Jiping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Professor of Peking University,paid a visit to  the School of Mathematics of SCUT on December 15 2021, and give a lecture of “Century Kapok”(No.280).

    Jiping Zhang is a world-renowned mathematician, dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University, the deputy director of the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, the dean of Sino-Russian Mathematics Center and the dean of Key Laboratory of Mathematics and its Application, Ministry of Education. He has served as the editor general of Algebra Colloquium and now as the associate editor of Asia-European J. Math and Acta Mathematica Sinica. Prof. Zhang has gained outstanding achievements in his research on Modular Representation Theory of finite groups in the contemporary age, and has served as chairman for many international conferences. 


    Before giving the lecture, Zhang held a meeting with Professor Changjiang Zhu, head of the School of Mathematics,to discuss details of training talents, constructing subjects, scientific research and so on. Professors, young teachers and students of the school take part in the talks.


    Professor Zhang given an interesting lecture title by “Sylow and His Theorems” at Qingqing Building of Liberal Arts and Sciences (3A01) , which introduce the CV of Ludwig Sylow, the famous Norway mathematician, and the proof of Sylow theorem.


Title: Sylow and His Theorems

Lecture: Prof. Jiping Zhang (Peking University)

Abstract: In 1872, Ludwig Sylow, Norway mathematician, proposed and proved the famous Sylow’s Theorem,which published in Mathematische Annalen. For nearly 150 years, the Sylow theorem, as the basic theorem of finite group theory, greatly inspired and promoted the advancement of group theory, and has important and profound applications, so that there are at least 100 different proofs for it. In this talk, we will to look back this special and great  historical progress.