Master of Science in Mathematics
time: 2015-07-03

1. Program goals.
  Students enrolled in the master program will acquire broad understandings of general mathematical theories and learn enough basic knowledge in their major. They will be capable to conduct some form of research or gain enough practical skills in applied fields. Graduates are able to teach at liberal arts schools or work at research institutes. Some graduates may continue studying for academic careers, and others will work in non-mathematical professions.
2. Time limits.
  General study period is three years. In exceptional cases students are allowed a maximum of five years to complete their study (counting leave of absence).
3. Major research areas:
  1) Partial differential equations
  2) Mathematical physics
  3) Fractal geometry
  4) Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
  5) Algebra
  6) Topology and its applications
4. Advisory system
  Each master student is supervised by his or her advisor. Under advisor's guidance, the student must submit a master plan of graduate work by the second week of enrollment. The student should take enough credit hour courses required by the major and fulfill other non-major courses requirements. Both the major courses and general courses should be completed by the end of the second year. By the end of third semester the student should pass the midterm exam spelled out in the SCUT Guidelines on Master Programs. The intern practice should be done by the end of the fourth semester.
5. Credit requirements
  The total credit hours are 47. Minimum course requirement is 32 credit hours (major credit courses no less than 24 credit hours, and non-major courses no less than 10 credit hours). Non-course credit requirements are as follows: thesis 12 credit hours, literature research and study proposal 1 credit hour, and research activities 2 credit hours.
6. Thesis
  Each master student should submit a thesis plan and research proposal at the beginning of 5th semester. No specific requirement on whether to publish the research in thesis before the defense. The defense will be conducted according to SCUT Degree Regulations and SCUT Guidelines on Master Theses.