Master of Science in Applications Mathematics
time: 2015-07-03

I. Culturing Objectives
  The specialty of "Applications Mathematics" was created for cultivating the broad comparative mathematical foundation, understanding the subject's progress and trends, receiving certain Research training, and making masters have a more systematic and professional knowledge. In addition, masters will be trained strictly and heightened in both application practice and independent research work to improve the masters' innovation capability and problem-solving ability with a solid mathematical foundation. After graduation, they will be occupied in the fields of teaching and research, further education and also in other types of work.
II. Program Duration
  The educational system for master degree is three years. The study time for master (including leave of absence) must be on less than five years.
III. Main Research Fields
  1.Nonlinear partial differential equations and its application
  2.Differential Equations and Differential Dynamical Systems
  3.Fractal Geometry and Topology Dynamical Systems
IV. Culturing Pattern
  It is that the instructor responsibility for postgraduate training. Masters should establish culturing plan under the guidance of own instructor within two weeks. Credit system will be used. Masters must complete the study of degree courses and professional foundation course, obtain the required credits, and take part in the medium term examination in accordance to Master Medium Term Examination Assessment Methods of South China University of Technology before the end of the fourth semester, and completed social practice.
V. Credit requirements
  The total credits for masters are no less than 47, in which no less than 32 credits are for academic degree courses, no less than 10 credits for non-degree courses,12 credits for the required dissertation, 1 credit for literature refer and the commencement report, and 2 credits for academic activities.
VI. Dissertation
  Masters should write the commencement report in the fourth end of the semester. The graduate students during the university are not required compulsively to publish the academic papers in public. However, it should be emphasized high-quality papers should be published encouragingly. After completing the degree (graduation) thesis, students will be organized to reply for Degree thesis according to Degree Regulations of South China University of Technology for Interim Implementation and Relevant Provisions of South China University of Technology on Graduate Student Applying for Graduate Thesis.