Master of Science in Probability and Statistics
time: 2015-07-03

1, The object of cultivation
  This specialty would cultivate the graduated students with stronger ability on mathematical theory, comprehended and gained mastery in the field of fundamental, basic methods and techniques as well the computational tools of probability and statistics theory, known well the applications of this theory in other scientific fields. After the three years study, the graduated students would be special persons with ability of scientific studying of this theory and solving the practical problems, and they would adaptive to take those works in universities, academic institutes, as well as in government branch, economic fields, vocation of IT, etc.

2, The length of schooling
  The schooling length of this specialty would be three years. The maximum years wouldn't exceed five years, including the time of suspend one's schooling.

3, The main studying aspect of the specialty
  1).Stochastic calculus and engineering finance;
  2).Statistics and its applications;
  3). Actuarial Mathematics and management of risks.

4, The manner of cultivating
  The advisor would be responsible to all thecultivating works of graduated students. The graduated students would stipulate for the cultivating plan under the guide of their advisors after two weeks as they come. The cultivating of specialty adopted a system of credit hour, Graduated students must gain those credit hours of all the planned courses, and must learn all the planned courses in first two years, and take part in assessing according to the Master Medium Term Examination Assessment Methods of South China University of Technology, and finish the social practice works before the end of the fourth semester. 

5, The Demand of credit hours
  The credit hours of students in this specialty must not be less then 47, the courses credit hours must not be less than 32(credit hours of courses for degree must not be less than 22, and that for other courses must not be less than 10 ), the credit hours is 12 for Dissertation, 1 for consulting papers and reporting Dissertation plan, 2 for take pat in scientific activity. 

6, The works for Dissertation
  The graduated students must planed the works for Dissertation in the fifth semester, write the opening report of Dissertation, and would publish at least one paper on journal or academic meeting, and the paper must signed with SCUT and the first author must be the graduated students himself/herself or his/her supervisor. After finished the Dissertation, the graduated students would take part in the answer meeting arranged according the Degree Regulations of South China University of Technology for Interim Implementation and Relevant Provisions of South China University of Technology on Graduate Student Applying for Graduate Thesis