Master of Science in Computational Mathematics Program
time: 2015-07-03

Course Aims and Career Options
  This course aims to enable the students to achieve a comprehensive and advanced understanding of computational mathematics and computer applications technology.
  Career options include a wide variety of positions in the IT industries and the financial institutions, including IT project manager, data analyst, business intelligence expert, and advanced programmer.
Course Duration
  The maximum course duration is three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students.
Major Research Areas
   Designs and Analyses of Adaptive Algorithms
   Computational Intelligence and Information Processing
   Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
   Optimization Computation and Data Mining
   Numerical Algebra and New Types of Algorithms
Course Structure
  This course adopts the academic credit system and the students must obtain the required credit points for degree subjects and non-degree subjects. The students are required to make their culturing plans within one month after enrolments, deliver their master’s assessment reports, and finish their social practices by the end of the fourth semester at the request of Master Medium Term Examination Assessment Methods of South China University of Technology.
Academic Credit
  Candidates are required to obtain at least 47 credit points of study, including no less than 32 credit points for completion of subjects, where at least 22 credit points are required for degree subjects and at least 10 credit points for non-degree subjects, 12 credit points for thesis, 1 credit point for literature review and master's assessment report, and 2 credit points for academic activity.
  Candidates are required to make their plans for their thesis and deliver their master's assessment reports at the end of the fourth semester. After finishing their thesis, candidates are required to undertake a formal thesis defenses organized at the requests of Degree Regulations of South China University of Technology for Interim Implementation and Relevant Provisions of South China University of Technology on Graduate Student Applying for Graduate Thesis.