Optical Information Science and Technology
time: 2015-07-03

Course Aim: Undergraduates take a common core of subjects, including optics, the theory and technology of laser, optical fiber, detection and procession of optical signals, optical displaying, optical memories, etc. They systematically build upon the broad foundation to deepen the understanding in areas matching their individual interests. This course cultivates the students to make them master the theory steadily and improve their experimental skills in a variety of fields. The students can work and research in the fields of optical communication, optical detection and optical information procession after graduation.

Special Features:
Settling two specialized modules of subjects: Optical-electronic Information, Optical Engineering.
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Sciences

Stem Subjects:
Optics, informational optoelectronics, optical fiber communication, foundation of information theory, signals and linear systems, digital signal processing, principle of communication, analysis of electric circuits, analog electronic circuits, digital electronic circuits, electrodynamics, optoelectronic technology, laser technology, data structure and principle of computer.