Information Manage and Information System
time: 2015-07-03

Code of Speciality:110102

Time limits:4 years

Cultivation Aim:
The cultivating object of this specialty is bring up the special persons with ability of stronger in fundamental mathematics and in mathematical thinking, predominates modern acknowledge of economic management, skill in compute techniques and to treat with economic information, and to analysis and forecast, as well as predominated the methods of scientific decision, facing to management, exploitation and applying compute soft. The graduated students adapted to work in those branch of government, management, finance, IT and college, and to work with management, exploitation in science and soft, teaching etc. they are also adapted to continue study in those specialty of mathematics, information science or the crossover scientific fields in college or academic institute, and to gain the degree of master.

Major Feature:
Students enrolled in this undergraduate program will acquire broad understandings of general mathematical theories and learn enough basic knowledge in their major. They will can face various mathematical theories and problem-solving methods. They will be capable to conduct some form of research or gain enough practical skills in applied fields. The cultivating fundamentality of this specialty is to bring up the attainment in mathematics, emphasizing to bring up the ability applying the theory and methods, information techniques to deal with the problems in the field of economic management.

Award: Bachelor of Science

Main Courses:
Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Operational Research, Micro-economics, Macroeconomics, Information Resource Management, Analysis and Design of Information System, Management and Decision Support Systems.