Lab of Mathematics
time: 2015-07-03

Mathematical Experiment Center, founded in 1985, has been named the Mathematical Laboratory, Application Software Room, in 2002 officially changed its name to Mathematical Experiment Center. Mathematics Experiment Center has 9 laboratories, including the math labs, information and statistical analysis laboratories, mathematical modeling and computing laboratories, engineering mathematics laboratory (engineering mathematics teaching base Lab), software development office, server and workstation computing room, the system detects room etc, utility area of 440m2. There are 5 servers, 5 high-performance workstations, 280 computers and some other laboratory equipment, and installation of several large mathematical software, including SAS and MATLAB. It is an important teaching place for engineering mathematics laboratory and 3 undergraduate professional, including Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, Information Management and Information. it is also an important base to carry out the training and competition (the United States race, national championships), curriculum design, graduate design, teachers’ scientific research, graduate project development, extra-curricular undergraduate research project (SRP), the National Computer Rank Examination.