Department of Statistics and Finance
time: 2022-01-20

As meet to an emergency of need for the special persons with ability of management of economic information, The school of science added the specialty of "Management of information and information system". After nearing 20 years of ceaseless exploring, innovations, enriching and enhancing, this specialty have had 10 graduated student classes, for the economic development of our country, specially for the south China, brought up a set special persons with ability of stronger fundamental mathematics and skill in information techniques and adapted to work in management of economic information and information system. The graduated students was welcomed and higher appraised by their working branches.

As for improving the construction of this specialty and elevating the quality of cultivated students, in chance of construction "specialty with higher repute" in Guangdong province, strive for more funds, our school applied this specialty as "specialty with higher repute on information techniques of Guangdong province" in 2001, and was confirmed as one of the 12 specialty, and begun enhance and to develop. As the process of that application, the evaluation specialist gave out the opinion of "the construction of specialty in evidence at the innovation direction and discovering, tight associated with the development of the economic, pay attention to the perpetual development of this academic branch, also pay attention to the relation between the adaptability and aftereffect on the development, thought much of whole acknowledge construction of students. The students have a good style of study, smart in thinking, ...".

The cultivating object of this specialty is bring up the special persons with ability of stronger in fundamental mathematics and in mathematical thinking, predominates modern acknowledge of economic management, skill in compute techniques and to treat with economic information, and to analysis and forecast, as well as predominated the methods of scientific decision, facing to management, exploitation and applying compute soft. The graduated students adapted to work in those branch of government, management, finance, IT and college, and to work with management, exploitation in science and soft, teaching etc. they are also adapted to continue study in those specialty of mathematics, information science or the crossover scientific fields in college or academic institute, and to gain the degree of master. The cultivating fundamentality of this specialty is to bring up the attainment in mathematics, emphasizing to bring up the ability applying the theory and methods, information techniques to deal with the problems in the field of economic management.

This specialty set up in the department of "statistics and finance" in SCUT. There are 20 teachers taking part in works on this specialty, 15 doctors, 8 professors, 6 advisors of Ph.D students, 11 advisors of master students, 2 foreign professors. The department of statistics and finance have an authority to award the master degrees in the specialty of "Probability and Statistics". recruit about 60 students and about 50 graduated students every year. In many years of development, rely on the "Institute of Statistics", all the teachers in this department actively engaging in study in science and teaching, gained good productions in the fields of applied statistics and financial engineering, taken in hand many studying items of natural scientific funds of China and Guangdong province as well as regions, and achieved some encouragements of China and Guangdong province.