Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
time: 2022-01-20

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has a contingent of teachers and researchers with extensive research interests, profound knowledge, and well-knit scholarly work. The Department has over 30 teachers, including 26 Doctors, 12 full professors, 4 associate professors, 9 doctoral supervisors, 1 national expert with outstanding contributions and 1 Distinguished Professor. The Department has "Applied Mathematics" as a key subject in Guangdong province, "Mathematics and Applied Mathematics" as a reputed program in Guangdong province and "Mathematics and Applied Mathematics" as a speciality major for Ministry of Education. Faculty members have a wide range of research fields including differential equation, mathematical physics, dynamical system, fractal theory, non-linear analysis, complex analysis, topology, group theory, algebraic geometry, combinatorial mathematics, etc. They have a wealth of experience in teaching and research, which are charge with more than 10 undergraduate basic course such as Mathematical Analysis and Advanced Algebra, more than 20 postgraduate basic courses and professional courses such as Foundations of Modern Analysis and Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics.

These teachers play an important role in research and teaching, over the 3 past years, the Department has undertaken 13 projects funded by Natural Science Foundation and 2 by Guangdong province. In recent years, over 70 research papers have been published in famous journals such as J. Differential Equations and Nonlinearity, of which over 50 have been included in SCI (Science Citation Index). Furthermore, a professor in the Department have won a first class prize and a second class prize from the Province Award for Natural Science, a professor have won one first class prize from the Province Award for Science and Technology Progress.