Students of Mathematics Innovation Class visit Hong Kong Universities
time: 2010-11-09

The 24 students of Mathematics Innovation Class, leaded by the School Leaders, visited Hong Kong universities for 6 days communication and study. From July 13 to 18, they experienced a good communication trip in the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong. The leaders of all Mathematics Academies, experts and scholars gave the good introduction and professional reports. They exchanged and shared many thoughts on science research, teaching, academy management and philosophy.

Students also had the opportunity to look around the campus environments and well impressed by Mathematics research institute of Chinese University of Hong Kong which is leaded by Prof. Chengtong Qiu, the world famous mathematician. Seaview library, fine food, clean street in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also gave them good  memories and special experience. Students were all inspired by all Mathematics Academies' kind invitation of senior education in their academies. Through such visit and study, students had a good opportunity to broaden horizons and increase knowledge, benefited much for future specialty chosen. They all show much interest in hard study to achieve greater honors.