13 undergraduate exchange students enjoy their studies in Canada
time: 2010-11-09

In the strong support of International Exchange and Cooperation office and Academic Affairs, the Department of Mathematics and UWO negotiated the co-education model of Statistics and Actuarial Science, with the name of "3+1+1 Undergraduate-Master programme" since November, 2009. They agreed with education targets, teaching plans, curricular, credit recognition, selection criteria and all detail procedures.

In June, 2010, Professor W. John Braun of UWO came to SCUT and took in charge of the selection test of 38 students of the Department of Mathematics, finally chose 13 outstanding students. They arrived UWO in Canada on Sept. 5th, 2010, started their 2 years period of exchange study and master education. The recent feedback showed they already get used tolocal life and study in UWO. Benefits from 3 years well education in SCUT, they now feel free in the later curricular study in UWO, and all want achieve good honors to contribute motherland.

Following the agreement of UWO and the Department of Mathematics, 10-15 students of the Department of Mathematics will be selected to finish their education in UWO under such international educationmodel every year, since 2010. The normal procedure will be, an introduction during the first semester of the third year, students fill in their applications to UWO. In the second semester, the professor of UWO will come to China to give tests,  select the studentson send students to UWO on Sept. 1st. Based on the concept and education modelof UWO statistics education, Mathematics apply to add statistics specialty inrecruit students of mathematics and information class. Using the international running concepts will contribute to cultivate international view and innovational qualified people.

By similar international co-cultivation,Mathematics selected 2 students of 2007 grade to French Nantes University tofinish the " 3+1+1" education project. In 2007 grade free examworking, more than 30 students got the free exam qualification of their master education. 2 students were authorized in co-cultivation project between SCUT and Nantes.  One quarter of the students of 2007 grade now have got the qualification of postgraduate education, it is agreat achievement and good example for junior students. (Written by Prof.Quandi Wang/ Editor: Yuhui Ren)