Who is Writing/Rewriting American History? Internationally Renowned Expert Peter Swirski Gives a Lecture
time: 2011-10-26

On Jun 27, an excellent lecture entitled “Who Is Writing or Rewriting American (literary) History” was held at the academic hall 4502 of School of Foreign Languages. Internationally renowned expert Peter Swirski presented a perfect combination of history and culture feast for the teachers and students. The lecture hosted by Pro Liu Jianbo from School of Foreign Languages attracted the majority of teachers and graduate students to actively participate in the discussion.

In the beginning, Pro Peter Swirski shared his life experience with all, and highlighted the concept of “history”. Then, he used vivid examples to propose inspired views about the importance of history, the change of history, and other relevant questions. Besides, Pro Peter Swirski shared articles in his written books.

The lecture ended in participants’ warm applause. For more than one hour, Professor Peter Swirski’s humorous language and abstract reasoning expressed in simple words inspired teachers and students, who received a baptism of history and culture.

Peter Swirski is Professor of Helsinki High Culture Research, research director, and also holds a post in University of Missouri St. Louis campus and a member of American Studies Association Executive Committee. His research interests include American literature, literature, cross-cultural research on philosophy and science. His articles are well received by New York Times, Financial Times, The Columbia Daily and other media.(By Qing Liu)