School of Electronics and Information Held a Symposium for Emeritus Teachers
time: 2021-12-15

On the afternoon of December 2, our school organized an emeritus teacher symposium in Liwu Building.Five representatives of retired teachers,standing Deputy Secretary Jian Zhang, vice president Guiping Jin, deputy Secretary Jun Zhou, leaders of the office and labor union and people in charge of related teams attended the symposium.

From 2020 to 2021, a total of 7 teachers retired from our school. They are Suili Feng, Ruixiang Yin, Wen Wu, Jieping Liu, Bing Li, Chunyi Lin, and Lihong Ma.At the symposium, Jian Zhang said that the retired teachers are the witnesses, promoters and devotees of the construction and development of the school. They have dedicated their precious youth and talent to the school.The spirit of telecom people embodied in them is the most precious spiritual wealth of the school.The school would like to sincerely thank all teachers for their dedication and contribution to the school over the years, and wish all teachers good health and happiness in the days to come.At the same time, the development of the school needs brainstorming like always, so he hopes that teachers can actively advise on the college's discipline construction, teaching, service and management. He also hopes that the teachers continue to care about the development and construction of the school after retirement.

The atmosphere of the forum was warm and enthusiastic.Five retired teacher representatives who participated in the meeting reviewed their professional careers, retrospected every detail of their work, study and life in the school, and made good suggestions for the development of the school and the growth of young teachers.Suili Feng said that although he has retired, he sincerely hopes that the school will develop better and better.The school has traditional advantageous disciplines. He hopes that the school can closely integrate the major strategic needs of national development, further condense the discipline direction, gather advantageous resources, strengthen the construction of scientific research platform, and further improve the influence and reputation of the discipline.Lihong Ma said that the school has many excellent teachers, and it should fully mobilize and give full play to the strength of each teacher to jointly promote the development of the school.Ruixiang Yin said that as long as the school needs him, he is always ready to continue to contribute to the development of the school. Chunyi Lin and Jieping Liu also expressed their concern and hope for the development and construction of the school.

At last, representative of the school presented flowers and souvenirs to five representatives of retired teachers,and once again expressed heartfelt thanks to them for their contributions to the cause of higher education of the country and the development of the school, and wish them all the best in their life.