To Thoroughly Build the Safety Line of Defense, Our School Helds a Safety Work Meeting
time: 2021-11-23

Always put the life safety and physical health of teachers and students in the first place.On the morning of November 4th, our school held a school-wide safety meeting to convey the spirit of the university’s safety work meeting on November 3rd and deploy the safety work of our school.Dean Quan Xue, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Jian Zhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Jun Zhou, and Deputy Dean Xiuyin Zhang and Xiangyu Yu attended the meeting, which was presided over by Jian Zhang.

Jian Zhang conveyed the spirit of the safety work conference, especially the spirit of the important speech of Xichun Zhang, who is the secretary of our universitt. He asked all the teachers and students to further improve their political positions, further enhance the overall situation awareness, safety awareness and responsibility awareness, firmly hold the bottom line of safety, deeply understand the extreme importance of safety work, do a good job in safety as they can, and always put the life safety and physical health of teachers and students in the first place.First, enrich the form and content of safety training through the school-wide safety education and warning education, and strengthen the safety awareness of all teachers and students.Second, the school will further strengthen the institutionalization of safety work, promulgate and complete the implementation rules of related safety systems, especially strengthen the management of electric bicycles, and further clarify the safety responsibilities of teams and laboratories; establish a long-term mechanism for safety work, and pay close attention to implementation of the safety system;Third,through laboratory safety self-inspection and irregular safety inspections at the school level, strengthen the security line of defense, from side to side and from top to bottom, and promptly investigate potential safety hazards to ensure the safety of the school.Jian Zhang requested that all laboratories of the school complete the self-examination of potential safety hazards within one week, and deal with the detected safety hazards immediately.

Fig.1 Executive Deputy Secretary Zhang Jian delivering a speech

Quan Xue pointed out that the whole school must deeply realize that safety and stability are the prerequisite for development in every respect. Sound the safety alarm, and build a solid bottom line. Meanwhile, all members must also have a deep understanding of the complexity of campus safety and stability.All the teachers and students of our school must attach great importance to the situation of the school and the laboratory, and implement related policies at various levels to prevent management gaps. It is necessary to clarify the main responsibility. The safety directors and safety administrators at all levels should be fully responsible for daily safety of the laboratory and supervise the rectification work, so that the responsibilities of laboratory safety inspections are clearer, the content is more specific, and the detection and rectification of problems are timelier.

Fig.2 Dean's Speech

Xiangyu Yu and Jun Zhou comprehensively analyzed the security work situation, existing problems and measures of the college from the perspectives of campus security, information security, laboratory security, and students’ safety. All faculty members attended the meeting.

Fig.3 All faculty and staff attending the meeting