Practical Things for Teachers and Students - A Career Sharing Meeting Held in Out Academy
time: 2021-07-26

In order to enhance the exchange and learning between new and old students, and help them have a clearer understanding of the situation of entering high education and employment, and help them rationally plan their future study work, the Academy of Electronics and Information held a career sharing meeting on the evening of June 11, 2021. This meeting was held online through Tencent meeting. Eight representatives of outstanding graduates who entered school in 2017 served as main speakers. Counselor of undergraduate from year 2018 and 2019, Li Baolu and Luo Jingci attended the meeting.

The counselor, Mr. Li, gave a speech first at the beginning. He emphasized that this sharing session is not only for juniors, but also for students in lower grades. Graduation in the future is the accumulation of knowledge and practice in the first three years. In his speech, Mr. Li expressed his early plans for the students to plan for the future as soon as possible.

      Afterwards, Hunag Jiarong, Fan Xiaoshaui and other students shared in turn on the issue of receiving higher education. Huang and Fan commented on the insurance of becoming a postgraduate from two aspects, namely in and out of the school. Huang gave a detailed explanation of the policy, while Fan provided detailed information of entering a different school to acquire a master degree. Xu Ce and Tang Xinjie answered questions about postgraduate entrance examinations. Xu mainly provided suggestions to students based on his own test preparation experience, while Tang focused on the acquisition of postgraduate entrance examination information and the sharing of re-exam experience. As a representative of those who go abroad, Wang Haoyun gave a complete introduction in material preparation, time arrangement and related cases.

In terms of employment, Guo Mingtao, Chen Liyin and other students shared from different perspectives. Guo described the job hunting process from the aspects of collecting campus-recruitment information and preparing a good resume based on his own experience of job hunting on  product manager; Chen gave her own insights and thoughts on the difficulties that students may encounter in civil service examinations, learning methods and time arrangement. Zhang Zihan answered the doubts about whether to choose the civil service examination for students who are still hesitating between the campus-recruitment and the civil service examination.

PPT shared in the meeting

At the end of the sharing session, the host expressed his sincere thanks and blessing to the eight outstanding graduate representatives. As a matter of fact, whether it is for further studies or employment, students are essentially pursuing a more ideal life and realizing their aspirations and values as soon as possible. Planning ahead and not waiting, we believe that after this sharing session, out students will be clearer about the direction of their development, and get ready for further studies and employment as soon as possible, and contribute to their own future, society and the country.