An Undergraduate Teaching Innovation Lecture Was Held in The Academy of Electronics and Information
time: 2021-06-25

In order to further promote advanced classroom teaching concepts and improve classroom teaching quality, on the afternoon of June 24th, the Academy of Electronics and Information held a lecture on innovation in undergraduate teaching. Professor Yin Ruixiang, a famous teacher, was invited to give a report on Undergraduate Teaching Innovation Lecture Hall. More than 40 new and old teachers from all academies of the school entered the Tencent conference room to learn his teaching methods and skills, and discuss the concepts of “classroom”. Professor Yin elaborated on the real goals of teaching, how to be a good teacher, university curriculum positioning, how to prepare lessons, classroom teaching skills, teaching feedback and reflection, etc.

After the meeting, the participating teachers had a lively exchange with Professor Yin. They conducted in-depth discussions on the course PPT, textbook content, classroom attendance of students who need to retake courses, online teaching, and student evaluation of teaching, and raised some puzzles and difficulties in teaching. In response to the common problems raised by young teachers, Professor Yin gave suggestions and guidelines based on his own experience and practices.

Through the lecture hall activities, young teachers can reflect on the problems in teaching in time. Through the exchange of experience with famous teaching teachers, the dissemination of advanced teaching methods has been promoted, the concept of teaching has been improved, and the training and exercise of young teachers’ teaching abilities have been further strengthened. It is very helpful to update the new thinking of talent training and effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching. All teachers that have participated in this meeting expressed great benefits.