"The World of 5G" edited by Professor Xue Quan won the "Top Ten Books of 2020" by Guangdong Publishing Group
time: 2021-03-19

    A few days ago, the  The World of 5G  popular science book series led by Professor Xue Quan, the dean of our school, as the editor-in-chief, was awarded the Top Ten Best Books of 2020 by Guangdong Publishing Group, and will be published in cooperation with Singapore’s World Science and Technology Press English version.

Fig 1  Five volumes of the first issue of “The World of 5G” series

    5G is one of the most popular technology words in the world in recent years.Compared with the previous four generations of mobile communication technology, the most important change of 5G is the expansion from personal-oriented (B2C) to industry-oriented (B2B), providing indispensable high-speed, massive, and low-latency connections for a new round of industrial revolution.It can be said that 5G is no longer a pure communication technology, but an important infrastructure, one of the engines for upgrading many industries.

   In this context, Guangdong Science and Technology Press has keenly selected this hot topic and hired Professor Xue Quan, Dean of the Academy of Electronics and information of South China University of Technology, as the chief editor, and released a set of popular science series The World of 5G in time for ordinary readers. Which systematically introduce 5G technology and its applications in multiple industries with industry professionals. Among the many popular science books, this set of books is unique. First, the editor-in-chief Professor Xue Quan is a senior expert on 5G cutting-edge core technologies. This series of books has an accurate and systematic combing and summary of the technical characteristics of 5G, which has a good reference value for ordinary readers and industry professionals. Second, the editorial team integrates talents from universities, institutes and industries. The difficulties and prospects of the integration of 5G and the industry are accurately grasped, and the cases provided are representative and forward-looking in the industry. Third, this set of books is positioned for popular science, it not only has distinctive technical characteristics, but also has fun and is highly readable. What's more commendable is that the series further explores the relationship between technological progress and human dominance and thinking. Science popularization is not only an educational behavior, but also an investment behavior in technological innovation. Sustainable technological innovation must first be built on solid science and science education. The publication of this series of books is an organic integration of technological innovation and popularization of science and technology, and it is at the right time. It can not only boost the development and application of 5G in my country, but also further enhance the self-confidence of the people in Chinese culture.

The series was greatly acclaimed after the publication of the Southern Scholars Festival in August 2020, and has now been printed for the second time. At the same time, this series of books has also been selected as one of the 53 Books of China's External Promotion Plan in 2020. The selection of science and technology books into the plan is rare, highlighting the importance of this series among similar books, meanwhile reflecting the country's emphasis on science and technology innovation and popular science education.

Figure 2 The World of 5G was selected as the Top Ten Books of 2020 by Guangdong Publishing Group